May 3, 2017

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  • Today was our last Bible study for the year. The kids were stirring pretty early this morning-I think that it was probably because of our good breakfast-leftovers from what I took yesterday for teacher appreciation-cinnamon rolls and muffins. They pretty much devoured everything and were soon dressed and ready for Bible study.
  • The kids were all anxious to get to Bible study this morning and I was anxious to sit in the car and eat my Wednesday morning bagel and finish our book on tape. Anderson was excited to bring lemonade and sprite to his class for their end of the year celebration. Keaton couldn't wait to see if her teacher had remembered to bring her candy-she did. And everyone had pictures to show of their visit to the ark. I was in Whitman's class when he showed his pictures-he said, "Everyone look at these. What do you see?" 
  • After Bible study, it was raining pretty good so we couldn't go to a park but headed on to Rock Creek to play. I dropped off the boys so they could go through the church house to open the door for us while we parked near the covered drive through. The kids played and played and ate a little bit of lunch. 
  • When everyone left, we dropped off Kennedy and then headed home. I had big plans for another nap (still fighting my cold-Last night I didn't even write out today's list-I'm not yet 100%) but after getting home a bit later than usual, unloading the car, correcting a few pages of math and doing history and science, I was only able to rest for about 15 minutes before waking up to work on supper.
  • Robby came home and took over supper and soon we had eaten and were out the door for church tonight. I ended up working in Keaton's class and she was pretty happy to have me as her teacher. Then it was home for a snack-Robby was pulling cookies out of the oven as we came in. 
  • The kids had cookies, we watched a Bates and then it was bedtime for the crew! 

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