May 26, 2017

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  • We went to bed feeling like it was Friday morning so we woke up acting like it was Saturday morning. The girls slept much later than the boys. I even let the boys play on the xbox pretty early this morning. 
  • The kids had breakfast and then we started a bit on our school/chores. At one point, I walked into the school room and Reagan, Anderson and Graham were all looking at their All About Me books that they filled out when they were 3 and 4. It is my mission this summer to completely finish these books this year. Whitman is just starting on his and the others still need a few odd things on theirs like a meat man's signature.
  • They thought their books were hysterical. Graham laughed and laughed about his favorite food being banana pie. He couldn't understand why he had said that. I reminded him that he was 4 just like Whitman. Soon I had Whitman near me and we started filling out his book with everyone looking on. And today Whitman told us that his favorite food was "Peanut Butter Chicken Rice." Um, okay.
  • When I did all I could with Whitman (he got bored), I deemed it chore time and the kids did go to work. They flew through their chores and were soon bouncing in and out. I always know when the neighbors have to go in because all of my kids will come trickling home. 
  • The kids came in around 12:30 one by one. I didn't know they were all coming in so I told the first one in that they could make their own lunch. Graham did walk by later with 3 pieces of bread. We turned him around and told him to get something else as well so he did walk back by with meat and cheese on top but the lunches just went downhill from there. I believe that Reagan had only crackers for her lunch.
  • The afternoon flew by-well, probably not for Whitman. He put on his backpack and waited on Pops around 2. Whitman got upset with me when I wouldn't let him take his backpack down the road to show the neighbors what was in it. Ha! 
  • Around 4, I jumped in the car to take Reagan to Alyssa Kate's house to take her to Kennedy's house to celebrate Kennedy's birthday. Then Whitman and I ran to Target to do a bit of shirt shopping. We could have been done a bit earlier but Whitman took a shirt down from a rack and told me to try it on. I brought it to the dressing room with me but didn't plan on trying it on. As I was putting my shirt back on, he grabbed that shirt and asked me to try it on. I did and surprisingly it was decent though I didn't buy it.
  • We hurried home and Nonna, Pops and Jason came over to pick up the boys. They could not wait to get over to their house because Nonna had found a new box of legos in their attic. Jason took a few pictures and there were legos spread out everywhere over the floor.
  • Robby did a bit of mowing before jumping in the shower before we left. We called Keaton and Campbell in from down the road. I decided to throw in their pjs because I knew after a day outside they were going to need a shower. Then we headed to Grannymom's house.
  • We were almost off of Lawson when Robby remembered to look for our tickets. He didn't have them so we turned around to find them. I never even thought about them so at least he remembered. Our little turn around didn't take too long and soon the girls were dropped off and we were headed to the Traveler's game.
  • The game was fine and there was even food and dessert-delicious brownies and fried oreos which I had never had. This two things made me very, very happy. The Traveler's won and then we headed home to a very, very quiet house!

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