May 12, 2017

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  • The night was uneventful and the first thing we heard this morning was a gaggle of kids in the kitchen. It would have been nice if they were making me breakfast or better yet emptying the dishwasher. But nope, they were playing with the perler beads. This was fine though but I did have to tell them that they only had a few minutes left before it was time to start school for the morning.
  • We did eventually start school but after everyone cleaned up a few hundred perler beads off of the kitchen floor. I hate those beads but I love them just as much-they are a mess and a lot of work for me to iron them and clean them up but the kids spent so much time working on them and are generally happy and kind while creating some perler bead creation.
  • School went well this morning even though I seemed like I was running ragged getting my little things accomplished. I told Robby tonight that I feel like I do more work by 10 am than most people do in a day. He doubted me and mentioned that most people do get up before 8. I won't bore you with the list of my morning but trust me, I do work pretty hard-even though I like to take an occasionally siesta.
  • Around 11, we worked together before running through the house doing chores and getting ourselves ready. Then it was off-we headed down the road to the grocery store because it was their tent sale. We bought 20 pounds of potatoes, 2 flats of strawberries, a cantaloupe and some tomatoes. 
  • Then we dropped off Reagan to Grannymom. Reagan was spending the night over there tonight and before I even asked this morning she already had her bag packed and was ready to go. Nonna and Pops arrived at our house soon after we made it home and we all went to work.
  • I do believe that this is one of Graham and Campbell's favorite days of the year. I do think that they enjoyed today as much as Christmas-today was strawberry cutting day. Everyone helped slide the strawberries-this year everyone but Whitman had pretty sharp knives. I did look up at one point and Graham had his knife in his mouth. Keaton started out with a sharp knife but eventually asked for one like Whitman had. Whitman stuck with strawberry cutting for a pretty good while.
  • With many hands it didn't take us long at all to freeze quite a few containers of strawberries. We had so much fun doing this that Robby bought me another flat to strawberries to make some jam with and I might possibly make some strawberry muffins to freeze as well. I love filling up my freezer-could only be better if I had grown the strawberries myself.
  • Robby left with the boys after work and they picked up the Nelson boys. Whitman, Campbell and Keaton were my constant help in the kitchen this evening and soon the Wilsons were over and we were eating a Mexican spread.
  • After eating, Shannon and I made a strawberry cobbler, 3 pans of cookies and sliced and sugared her strawberries so she could take them home to freeze. The boys watched a few movies but it is currently 11:30 and they are playing Legos perfectly and we just don't have the heart to put them to bed yet.

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