May 5, 2017

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  • Friday morning is my favorite morning of the week. There is no where to go so the alarm doesn't ring and no one is in a hurry. Now, it sounds peaceful and all and even though it is my favorite morning of the week, it is by far the craziest. Whitman is around and everyone is vying for his attention and Keaton is also searching for something to do.
  • Now today, Whitman worked a very long time with Reagan filling out his Mammoth Cave Jr. Ranger book. I overheard her asking him one question over and over again. She was asking him if he was a park ranger and saw trash on the ground, would he pick it up. He was adamant that he would not but she kept asking him hoping that he would change his answer. I finally had to remind her that every time there is trash on the ground and he goes to pick it up we tell him "no." He wasn't thinking about cleaning up the park, he was only trying to obey.
  • Keaton and Campbell worked on their Mammoth Cave book as well. The kids ages determine how many pages of these books that they have to do. Campbell easily finished her amount of pages needed yesterday but she had Keaton working along with her on new pages so she could do way more pages than needed. 
  • They worked forever on their books and I thought that Campbell wasn't going to finish in time to pack her bags. Nonna was coming to pick her up for a morning out followed by her turn spending the night over there.  Campbell was able to pack in time and Graham and Reagan were also finished with school by the time that Nonna arrived. 
  • Now, Anderson-bless. He is just not in any hurry at all during school and doesn't understand why I want for him to be! (I know, there is really no need to hurry.) He spent a good bit working on making himself a lego fidget spinner. I do believe that after making his spinner, he spent the rest of the morning and some of the afternoon playing with that spinner and not concentrating on his school work. 
  • At 2, we loaded up to drop of the boys at Nonna's house and then the girls and I headed to the doctor for their appointments. Everyone did great....well, everyone did great until they were getting weighed and Keaton realized that she was in fact going to have to have shots. The child fell apart, lost her mind, wailed and sobbed. She calmed down when they took her back to play a few games (vision and hearing screening). 
  • When it was shot time, Reagan did great with her 3 shots and was a pro. Then came Keaton and the poor nurse probably has bruises! She was pretty upset until they brought lollipops in for her. Then we had to walk down the hall for Reagan to have a finger prick. Now, for this Reagan was pretty concerned. She had tears in her eyes before but afterwards you could see the relief in her face. Reagan was happy to report that the finger prick was nothing compared to the shots.
  • Then we ran to Pennys to pick up a few shirts for the boys-and gracious, if I didn't buy the wrong sizes. Reagan told me I should buy bigger sizes but I wasn't sure. Meanwhile, Robby picked up Anderson and Graham and ran them to a birthday party at Raymar.
  • They had a good time fishing and playing ball. While they were having fun, my girls had supper and then helped me make a few hundred dozen cookies (well, probably not-I did make 18 huge cookies and froze quite a bit of cookie dough.
  • Robby and the boys came home and they joined my girls watching a movie. We did stop to have a bit of ice cream with my cookies. We even let them stay up late to finish that movie and when bedtime came, my boys were all bedded down in tents and forts in their bedroom!

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