May 2, 2017

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  • Zoo day number 2 began much earlier than zoo day number 1. This week is also teacher appreciation week so I took fruit and muffins to Keaton and Whitman's school. Reagan and Campbell helped me set that out while Keaton waited to go into her class and Whitman anxiously awaited us to get back in the car so we could go to the zoo.
  • Anderson and Graham decided that one zoo trip was plenty for the week so they opted to stay with Grandpa. Grannymom was at jury duty so she missed out on the fun today. Robby dropped them off and then he headed on to Conway.
  • We arrived at the zoo in plenty of time this morning despite a bit of traffic. We joined Whitman's class and all walked in together. Ms. Jennifer took a class picture pretty early on and she told Whitman to join the group and as soon as she spoke, he obeyed. 
  • Reagan and I did keep much closer tabs on his today but he didn't stray to far from Ms. Jennifer. The weather was pretty perfect today and more on the warm side than the freezing side as it was yesterday, and there were so much less people-it was wonderful.
  • We saw all of the animals that were out but they were doing quite a bit of construction so lots of animals were not out. Yesterday, Whitman said that his favorite animal at the zoo was the giraffes (not any) but today perhaps he was paying a little bit better attention and did say that his favorite were the elephants.
  • At 11, my phone buzzed and we headed to the parking lot. Thankfully, we had already played on the playground. We loaded up and headed back to church to pick up Keaton from school. She had a good day but was anxious to hear about our zoo trip.
  • Then it was back over to Grandpa's house to pick up my boys. They had worked on some of their school, spent some time on their ipads and even had lunch. We went in for a few minutes and then all headed home.  Once at home, the kids helped me unload the car and Reagan, Graham, Campbell and Whitman all had smoothies. 
  • We did a little bit of school and work around the house this afternoon. The kids all ended up outside again and Whitman and I ended up asleep on the couch again. I didn't even have to ask him today to lay down by me-I do believe walking around the zoo is pretty tough on little 4 year old legs. I am feeling worse today than yesterday but better than Sunday so hopefully my little cold will be gone tomorrow!
  • When the kids came in, they had supper and showers. Then Robby took Reagan and Anderson to go and see Boss Baby and then to get a smoothie (Reagan) and a milkshake (Anderson). This was their reward for saying the Gettysburg Address. Now Graham is the only one left who is still waiting on his reward. 
  • Whitman, Keaton, Campbell and Graham joined me for a whirlwind trip to the grocery store. They helped me spend at least 50 dollars more than I would have alone. As we checked out, Campbell said "people must think we are rich with all this stuff." Um, no, sweet baby, we only spent $130. I tried to explain to her that we didn't even buy any food to make a meal with. 
  • We unloaded our groceries and had really just sat down when the movie goers arrived home. Soon everyone was in their beds resting up for tomorrow!

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