May 13, 2017

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  • It was nearly one last night when Robby and I went to bed and we could still hear all of the boys going strong in the bonus room. They were laying down and talking (not so quietly) so we just let them be. So it was probably around 2 when they finally did go to sleep. On the way to soccer, Robby (their coach) told them that they all better win today.
  • Today's first game was not until 10 so we had a bit of extra time this morning. The boys spent time building Legos before breakfast. After breakfast, there was a massive nerf gun war happening upstairs. I had a hard time telling them that it was time to put uniforms on and leave because they were having so much fun.
  • Reagan met us at the game. She had spent the night with Grannymom. She told me all about their shopping trip at Old Navy and she was even able to eat at her favorite place-Tropical Smoothie. 
  • Campbell and Keaton played first this morning. Now, bless poor Keaton's team. Keaton hustles after the ball and is the fastest one of the team. She didn't have a chance to score today nor did any of her teammates but the other team had about 10 chances to score. She didn't seem to care though at all and had lots of fun playing.
  • On the field catty-corner to Keaton was Campbell. Her coach was not there so they had a sub and those girls did great. I thought that the score was 3-4 but Campbell believed the score was 4-3. Campbell did score 2 goals and even though we were bouncing back and forth to watch two different games, we were there to watch her score both times. She played all but one period of the game, The sub coach would ask if she wanted to sit out and my Campbell would say that she wanted to play every time she asked.
  • Anderson and Graham's game was next. They won by one point and Anderson scored a goal and Graham almost scored 3. I will say this, those boys have really improved this year and they seem to really enjoy playing (especially Anderson).
  • Finally, we made it to Reagan's game. Right before the game started Anderson was asked to help out a 2 man 5th and 6th grade team. I grabbed his water and chin guards and he was off. He played 3 of the 6 periods and that team one. It didn't seem to bother Anderson that those boys were quite a bit bigger than he was. He would rush towards that ball no matter who had it.
  • Down the field, Reagan's team was winning their game. The score was just 1-0 and her team didn't really seem to be on today-nor have they been lately. But that didn't matter because Reagan has a blast. She is fun to watch because she is a little coach out on the field telling her fellow players what to do, how to throw the ball in, where to run....
  • Since I never buy picture, we took my kid soccer picture before we went to Sonic for lunch. The kids convinced Robby to go to the playground Sonic so we spent a good deal of time there. Then we ran to pick up a picture for Nonna and dropped it off at her house.
  • Afterwards, we came home and Robby and the girls worked on cleaning out the car while the boys and I worked on picking up the house. Then the kids scurried down the road to go and play with their neighbors. Robby and I worked more on the garage.
  • Then he mowed the neighbors front yard a bit and cleaned up over there while I stole their ferns. Well, not really store but they are just going to die since no one is watering them. I did wrote a note and put on their porch saying that I was trying to keep them alive on my front porch and to come and get them when they return. 
  • Robby grilled hot dogs and hamburgers tonight and discovered that his grill is just falling apart. It still grilled some pretty good burgers though and we all ate outside. The boys were able to fly their drones and everyone played until it was dark. Then shower time and the evening was going splendidly until Robby noticed a laundry basket with quite a bit of water in it and then he looked up.
  • Yep, something in the attic was leaking. We discovered that our air conditioner is leaking and the drip pan must not be sealed very well because one corner was leaking which was trickling down an air vent. Robby used the shop vac to suck up the water, we propped up the drip pan and even put a bucket underneath and now we get to call an air conditioner man-the fun just never stops here!
  • The kids were oddly busy in the school room tonight-I wonder what they were so busy making in there? Maybe I will find out tomorrow. Once Robby and I had cleaned up our mess, it was time for the kiddos to go to bed. I am sure that they need lots of extra rest tonight after staying up so late last night. 

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