May 30, 2017

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  • Graham came in our room first this morning asking if he could play the xbox. Then Anderson came in asking if he could eat breakfast. Both boys already have their summer routine-Graham on the xbox for a bit and then he sits on the couch and plays his ipad while Anderson sits by the window and plays his ipad while listening to his headphones. 
  • A bit later, I walked through the living room and Whitman ran up to me asking if he could eat his breakfast while Graham read him a story. Hmm, I thought for a minute and then said sure. Anderson was already starting on his daily school/chores and today he had to read to Whitman.
  • Keaton was up soon and she was in a good mood (she isn't always in the morning) and she jumped at the chance for me to work with her on her reading book. Whitman and I had been on the couch (me reading him one more book) so she cuddled in beside us. She did her reading book and read her story for the day. She was so proud of it that she later read to Robby. We still have a long ways to go (today's story was "see me eat") but we are getting there.
  • Soon afterwards, Anderson took my spot and read a story to Keaton. Both boys started working on their chores/school while Campbell and Reagan snoozed upstairs. Those girls eventually strolled down the stairs, but I was beginning to think that they were going to sleep all morning long.
  • By noon, the boys hair had been cut, the house was clean, chores were finished, school work had been done and I was tired! We had our lunch and while the kids did a few last chores, I jumped on the treadmill. 
  • We made it to the pool at about 2 and the kids were delighted to see the Kamps there and the Heltz pulling into the parking lot. Everyone played hard and Whitman probably went down the slide about a hundred times. We had about 30 more minutes of swim time before the pool closed but thunder was heard.
  • So we headed home just a bit earlier than planned and I had to fight some pretty heavy rain on the way home. Once there, the kids helped unload and then showers for all. 
  • Robby heated up some supper-hot dogs and hamburgers from the other night and I heated up the other half-corn and baked beans. Then we all ate at the table. Afterwards, we watched about 9 episodes of the Bates and enjoyed some cookies before bedtime!

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