May 21, 2017

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  • Graham came to our room this morning asking if he could get his breakfast. Surprisingly, he didn't have his church clothes on yet. This is so unusual for him; he must have forgotten that today was Sunday. Soon his clothes were on and he was eating breakfast.
  • I did have to wake up Whitman and Campbell. They were the last two to get ready this morning and even though we only had four kiddos here this morning, we were much later than usual.
  • We were so tardy that Pops was walking around with Keaton in the hall since church had already started. She later told me that when she was sitting on the pew with Nonna and Pops everyone that walked by her told her how cute she was. I think that she liked this very much.
  • As I was heading upstairs, I saw Reagan and her buddies showing up. She enjoyed her night with Camryn-roller skating, ice skating, pizza, swimming and a board game. We did Sunday school and then church.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house. She had sandwiches and all of the fixings. The kids played for a bit and then we headed home. The kids watched some tv and lots of pictures were added to our gallery wall by Keaton, Campbell and Reagan. My hallway is now practically covered in pictures-I left them up just about as long as I can. Now I will have to go through them and pick out a few keepers.
  • I had a good nap this afternoon but it was a short one. I do believe that everyone except for Anderson came in to ask a question. He jumped to the favorite kid spot! Around 5, the kids all migrated outside and Robby did a bit of mowing while I worked on a few things for next week.
  • After everyone had showers, I made supper for the kids. Then we were able to watch a bit of tv before sending everyone to bed. The boys were very happy to get to use their lights for a bit before time for bed. 

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