May 14, 2017

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  • I woke up to lots of sounds happening in the kitchen. I would occasionally hear a "shhh" or "it's almost time." Then I heard happy cheers of "we are going, we are going." Moments later, my door opened with all of the kids coming in carrying cards, presents, orange juice and a waffle covered in strawberries.  
  • I opened up my cards first-everyone had cards for me. Whitman did say that my hair was pink and that my name was Momma but last year my name was Tara. Campbell gave me card that had a free hug on it. She also included "no expiration date" on her hug card. This made Anderson slap his head and say, "I forgot an expiration date." In the past, he had given me free hugs and when I tried to use them he was quick the point out the expiration date had passed. He had also made free hug cards for me today but this time he had forgotten to put an expiration date. You know I will be using Anderson's free hug cards and may even save a few for extra special embarrassing moments.
  • Whitman had made me a coaster in his school class and was so happy to give it to me. Robby had a huge roll of vinyl for my cricut, a magazine and lots of socks as my gift. I ate my waffle and then as Robby made waffles for everyone else, I had my shower.
  • Soon everyone was dressed and ready for church. They had a photo booth at church that we stopped out (it was really just Jason with his camera) so he took our picture and then we headed on to see Grannymom and Grandpa. (Nonna and Pops were headed to Ola.)
  • Then Keaton's class had a Mother's Day event that I went to with her. We made a wooden flower and then the kids sang their Sunday morning songs. Afterwards, we had muffins, cookies and yogurt. Meanwhile, Robby was holding down our Sunday school class-actually he was teaching the lesson since I wasn't able to get back until almost time to go. 
  • Big church was next followed by lunch at Grannymom's house. Les, Shelley, Josh and Zach were all there and my kids were beside themselves with all of our their cousins at lunch. Everyone ate BBQ and all of the fixings. Then the kids played outside until we left around 3.
  • Back at home, we emptied the car, unloaded a few things and picked up downstairs. Then I had a short siesta and woke to throw food in the oven for supper. Nonna, Pops and Jason all came over for supper. 
  • But before I fed Pops, I made him start on making me strawberry jelly. We ate Mexican and then I put Nonna and Pops back to work. Soon I had a few jars of jelly cooling on the cabinet, a jar in the fridge ready for us to eat in the morning and some extra strawberries in the fridge. Nonna opened her Mother's Day present and we took a few pictures.
  • Sometime during the evening, I did go in the living room to find at least 4 kids looking under the tv cabinet. A lizard had crawled into the house and it took a good 15 minutes for them to trap the lizard. They let him go right outside the door so I am sure he will find a way to crawl back in the next time someone leaves a door open around here.
  • It was pajama time and bedtime when everyone left tonight. This week is pretty crazy around here so everyone needs a bit of extra sleep.

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