May 8, 2017

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  • Only Anderson and Graham were awake this morning and after sleeping in a bit, we had to scurry to dress and feed Whitman and Keaton in time to head off with Robby. Whitman spent the morning laying around at Nonna's house watching his movies and Keaton spent her morning playing with her buddies in Ms. Stacy's class.
  • I went over Anderson's school with him this morning and maybe it was a fluke but he was finished before 11. We will definitely be doing that again tomorrow. Everyone was finished early this morning and part of me worries that they are going to become used to this easier schedule and will be in shock come August when things start rolling again.
  • We worked together and then had lunch. I have slacked off on reading a book during lunch and Anderson made sure that I caught up today. Once lunch was over, we began our chores. The kids worked for a bit and soon were watching a bit of tv before I kicked them out of the house.
  • Keaton and Whitman came home right after I had finished my treadmill time. Keaton joined the others outside but Whitman found his spot in front of the tv. I let him veg for a bit and when I went outside I never even thought about him going to sleep.
  • It was much, much later when I came in and that boy was sound asleep and probably had been that way for hours. I am afraid that is why he has now been downstairs 2 times tonight. The neighbors eventually came out and the kid played until after 8.
  • We pretty much had our spaghetti supper tonight around 9 and then it was bedtime for my crew. Anderson said that he stayed up until 4 last night. Possibly but tonight each time I have taken Whitman back upstairs he has not moved or spoken so I would assume that he is already sleeping tonight!

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