May 6, 2016

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  • Keaton's game was not until 10 this morning so we were able to sleep in a little longer than our usual Saturday mornings. It was pretty nice though our sleeping in did make us have to scurry around. We did manage to have everyone dressed, fed and in the car in time. However, we did forget to bring the kids waters (It was fine though since they had gatorades and we were able to fill up a few of those empty bottles with waters.)
  • Keaton and Campbell played at different times for the most part which was really perfect. And their fields were right next to each other. Keaton's team seemed to be moving in slow motion. Keaton did hustle after the ball some but I do believe that her shots from yesterday were getting the best of her. Her little team did loose their game but it was fairly close.
  • Campbell always surprises me at how much she hustles during the game. She runs and runs and today she almost scored twice. Her favorite part of the day was passing out the snack that she brought for her teammates. She decided that she was going to bring snacks and made sure that I told her coach. 
  • Next up was the boys game and they did win 2-1. Graham kicked the ball in from across the field scoring her first goal of the year...but it didn't count because you have to be over midfield to score (who knew?) We still counted it but I do still need that boy to score an official goal this year.
  • Now Reagan was very much looking forward to this game. Her team had beaten this team 10-0 earlier in the season when they played. But today, they kept Reagan's team on their toes. They ended up loosing 2-1. Now, I do always say that it is good to loose every once in a while but man, I sure wanted them to win! Now, Reagan plays this team 2 more times so hopefully the can win at least one more of those! She didn't really seem to mind though...
  • And everyone had really forgotten about their wins and loses by the time we made it home. Robby picked up Taco Bell on the way home and we ate in car. Once at home, the kids helped us unload the car and then they headed outside to play. Graham took a quick shower and then him and I jumped in the car.
  • We ran to Pennys to change the size of a few shirts and then I even picked up a few more Hawaiin shirts! Then Graham went to Ethan's birthday at D1. He loved playing dodgeball, kickball and even some football. While he was there, I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things. 
  • Robby was at home mowing and everyone else continued playing outside until almost 7 when we called them home so we could load up for the Wilson's house. We had burgers and the fixings over there. The kids spent most of their time playing kickball outside and playing xbox (or something) upstairs.
  • Whitman did come sliding down their stairs on an exercise mat. He burst into the living room so incredibly proud of himself and told us all about his accomplishment. Shannon asked where he got the idea to do that and he quickly replied "God told me to do it." Well, I told him to tell God that his momma said not to do it next time!

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