May 15, 2017

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  • At 3 this morning someone put their hand on me and it wasn't Robby. Reagan had come down to get me because our Keaton was sick. I hurried up the stairs in time to hear the loudest noise coming from the bathroom. It took me a bit but I figured out that it was sob. Keaton was crying out, "I want to go to the pottery place."
  • Poor Keaton was sick for about 2 hours. One minute I would think that she was asleep, and the next minute she would be running towards the potty. Around 5, she finally did go on to sleep and snoozed until 8. 
  • We had planned on her going to school for a bit this morning before we went to the pottery place with the church preschool folks but she needed her rest so we did let her sleep until 8. I had already told her last night that if we weren't able to go to the pottery place today, we would go another day. After Keaton woke up and was soon running around the house chasing Whitman, I told her that we would indeed be able to go to the pottery place.
  • Everyone woke up and soon I was making toast for breakfast. Most everyone had toast but not many of my folks ate my new strawberry jelly. We then started to work on school for the morning. By 9, I was calling everyone to come and work together. We flew through science and history and then I was loading up with Keaton and Whitman.
  • The church preschool took kids to a pottery place this morning to paint a piece of pottery. Whitman and Keaton were so excited. They had asked me a zillion questions about what they were going to get to do. Keaton picked out a cross to paint and Whitman choose a car. He walked up to the lady and told her that he needed a red car, she took the hint and grabbed him red paint.
  • They painted and painted their pottery. I hope that they look decent but they had a blast painting today. Meanwhile back at the house, everyone was finishing their school work and starting on their chores.
  • When we arrived home, the house was picked up and the windows were being washed. I made lunch by cleaning out the fridge. Then we did just a bit more chores before I let the kids watch a movie. They were in and out all afternoon and spent a good deal of time playing outside.
  • Around 5, I loaded up with Reagan and we headed to Hobby Lobby to buy a birthday present and then it was a mad dash through the grocery store. Reagan volunteered to push and I kept her busy as she chased me through the store while I threw things in the cart.
  • When we were home, everyone was playing outside. They all stayed outside until almost dark before coming in for showers. It was nearly 8 when I started passing out leftovers for supper. Robby let everyone watch one Bates show before bedtime. Hopefully tonight will be a very uneventful night!

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