May 24, 2017

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  • Whitman climbed into our bed this morning and I asked him who was already awake. He told me that 2 brothers and no sisters were awake. A bit later, Robby walked through to tell us that he was leaving. He said that Graham was awake but Anderson was not. I looked at Whitman with a puzzled look, and he said, "I saw two heads."
  • Well, the second head didn't come downstairs for a bit. The boys were all awake for a good deal before the girls. I guess that there room being darker does help them sleep a little longer. I don't think I would need a dark room to sleep longer, I think I would just need a door with a lock on it.
  • This was our first time to be on our summer schedule and things went well. I probably should make a rule that all chores/school should be done by a particular time in the morning. But I don't want for that time to be too early in the morning where I am asked questions.
  • The main goal this summer is for Keaton to zoom through her reading book. We worked on it today but we are just on lesson 9 out of 100! When she finished this book, it was already be time for Whitman to begin.
  • By 10ish, everyone had finished all of their chores and summer school work. I worked on getting Anderson's school ready for the fall and re-paintings my table and chairs on the back patio. The boys had been painting letters for their room but eventually Campbell and Keaton took over on the painting. 
  • It was nearly 1 when lunch was finally served. After spending all day yesterday outside, the kids didn't stay too long outside today. They would go out and then wander back in. This happened pretty much all afternoon until almost 5ish. That is when the kids all headed out and stayed out for a good while.
  • Robby bought a new toy this evening-a lawn mower-so he spent some time mowing this evening. Grannymom and Grandpa came over to see it. We made supper while the kids showered, and then we all sat down for quesadillas, rice and beans. 
  • Earlier in the day, Campbell and Keaton had made brownies so they were delighted to pass out dessert for us. Then we watched one episode of the Bates before calling it a night.

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