May 22, 2017

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  • Not many folks were stirring this morning. Robby had to wake up Whitman and Keaton and later I had to wake up Campbell and Reagan. Actually, after I woke Reagan up I do believe that she went back to sleep. 
  • Keaton headed off to school and Whitman headed off to Nonna's house. The rest of us started on school. As soon as Graham had finished his work around 9:30ish, he went outside and moments later their went out a call that the neighbors were out. Never seen people finish their school work so quickly. It was amazing.  Honestly though, they are doing just a bit of school work right now as we are gearing up for summer.
  • Everyone was outside until almost 11:30 when the neighbors had to go in. This was perfect since I had already told my people that 11:30 is when we would work together. We finished our history book today and are still pressing on with science (which is actually interesting to me right now-but it is currently more geography than science.)
  • I had just steam mopped the kitchen floor so when Reagan asked if they could eat lunch in the living room and watch a tv show, I quickly agreed. After lunch, we worked on chores and before too long, Keaton and Whitman returned.
  • Nonna and the kids had worked on cupcakes and Pops stopped to pick up Sonic drinks. Keaton knew everyone's Sonic orders so all of my people were pleased. That kitchen floor didn't stay too clean with those cupcakes (or with the shredded cheese that we had for supper.)
  • The afternoon seemed to fly by (meaning that I can't really remember anything that we did.) Soon, it was supper time and despite Pops' concern that my baked potatoes wouldn't be ready in time, they were. We ate and then loaded up for the Upward Soccer Celebration.
  • I wasn't looking forward to tonight because I feared that they would have the same unicycle man that we have seen for many a years. Instead it was a ventriloquist and there were some pretty funny parts. Whitman was in my lap and he would just laugh and laugh. 
  • Afterwards, everyone was given a backpack and fruit roll ups so my crew left happy. Once we made it home, most of the kids went in to take showers and Robby and I put together a new grill.
  • His new grill had fallen completely apart so a new grill came tonight. We thought it wouldn't be a problem to snap it together real quick. Ha! While we were working, Robby remembered once a man paying him to come over and put together a grill. This made us question what made us think that we could just do one in a few minutes while the kids were showering. Keaton stuck it out with us and helped to the end and thankfully we were finished before midnight. Kidding, it wasn't too bad and we still had time for the kids to eat ice cream when we were finished.
  • They all ate ice cream and then Keaton showered. We watched a bit of tv before bed and then it was lights out for the Dennie crew.

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