May 20, 2017

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  • We were pretty sure that the ball games would be rained out this morning but we have thought that before so we still woke up early to check and see. The thunder was probably our first clue but indeed the games had been cancelled. Robby text the folks and before he managed to come back into our bed, Whitman was cuddled up beside me.
  • Robby said that we were both snoring when he came back to retrieve his spot so he ended up in the bonus room. By 7:15 though my bed buddy was awake and I was a bit giddy about soccer being cancelled so I was up and working.
  • Don't think that I am a horrible person about being glad soccer was cancelled-the kids went out with a bang on Tuesday and Thursday nights...everyone won their games and they all had friends there to cheer them on.
  • I folded laundry, emptied the dishwasher, made the boys straighten their room and the bonus room before I would pass out breakfast. My girls weren't up yet but the smell of our breakfast buffet (sausage biscuits, chicken biscuits, cereal, toast, muffins and poptarts) must have floated up the stairs to their room and woken them up.
  • Keaton was ready to head to Pops' house and asked to pack as soon as she woke up. I held her off for a bit until Reagan had eaten breakfast and then they both packed together. Grannymom and Grandpa came over to help hang up the boys' new shelves in their room. Graham has been waiting for months for his shelf above his bed.
  • Meanwhile, Keaton was watching my phone waiting on Pops' to come and pick her up. She kept looking and looking telling me that he was still at home. Soon though, he was no longer at home and was finally here. She couldn't get out of the house fast enough. 
  • Before I realized it, it was time for me to jet out of the house to take Reagan to Camryn's house to celebrate her birthday. They went ice skating and swam so I know that they had a wonderful time. 
  • Anderson, Campbell and I headed to the store. We all found it a bit humorous that we bought everything in sets of 3-3 cans of paint, 3 bottles of shampoo, 3 colors of thread, 3 pairs of shoes (Anderson needed Sunday sandals, flip flops and Campbell needed some tennis shoes). When we made it home, Grannymom and Grandpa were still working on the shelves so the boys and I started on a few craft projects.
  • Graham wasn't too happy about helping since it interfered with his Saturday vegging out but he probably was the most excited about the second project that we did. I am a bit embarrassed to even say that both of them were projects for Christmas.
  • Soon it was evening and we were loading up to eat at Tacos for Life. I really do like the place but my mango habenero taco was very habenero-y and much too spicy for me. I will definitely try something else next time. As we were ordering, we saw a flash run up to us and it was Keaton. She had convinced Nonna, Pops and Jason to eat there too. They had just finished. She was excited to see us but we couldn't convince her to go home with us though.
  • Back at home, the kids had showers and we watched a bit of Anderson's show that he has been watching-some science-y show. Then it was bedtime for everyone. We let them go to bed a bit earlier so the boys could use their new lights. Campbell was in the room by herself so I am surprised that she has stayed in there so far all alone!

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