May 18, 2017

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  • Keaton and Whitman had a big day at school today-hat day for Keaton and silly sock day for Whitman. Whitman was already awake this morning but reminding Keaton about hat day did perk her up and soon she was down the stairs getting ready for the morning.
  • Reagan and Campbell were the last two to wake up this morning but before we could get Keaton and Whitman off to school, they were working on their school work. I think that we are only going to do 2 more days off school next week and then call it quits. I am getting a bit weary of checking people's math homework and don't think that I can hold out much longer.
  • Around 10, we worked together and then I worked on cleaning up Keaton's desk. It was a mess and I hope that it stays neat until the first day of kindergarten. We had to load up to run to the library before picking up Whitman and Keaton from school. They had a good day and were all happy to see us (I think.)
  • Keaton and I made lunch. I tried to pass out some of my leftovers but most everyone opted for sandwiches. I read our chapter book during lunch but after listening for a few minutes, Whitman ran to get a pile of his books. I read his books as the others started on their chores. You could read to that boy all day long and he would be completely happy.
  • At some point during the afternoon, Keaton called someone "ugly" so I made her come and set by me. You would have thought that I was killing her by not letting her play her ipad. I listened to screaming long enough to briefly google demon possession. I sent her on to her room and made her lay in her bed for an hour in hopes that she would go to sleep since she definitely needed her rest. She never did go to sleep even with my laying beside her the last 20 minutes of her sequestered time.
  • The neighbors came out to play and soon Alyssa Kate was here for the evening. We took her along with 3 neighbors to watch the soccer players play tonight. Keaton's team won their game tonight-woohoo! This is their first win in quite a few game. The boys and Reagan both played next. Their games were wins too so Robby decided to take everyone out to celebrate.
  • We ended up at Pie Five and the kids had a blast ordering all of their own pizzas. We ate outside and it was the perfect spot-we didn't have to worry about the 10 kids that were with us being a bit wild and the weather was perfect.
  • Once we made it home, we dropped off the neighbors and then showers were had by one and all. We let everyone stay up until 10, which was just about 15 minutes, and then it was bedtime. We have a very early morning in the morning and we all need our sleep.

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