May 23, 2017

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  • Robby's alarm buzzed before mine this morning. He made it upstairs to wake up Keaton and he even dressed Whitman. Whitman was wanting milk early, early this morning and it had been pretty comical listening to him beg Graham for milk. Whitman would tell Graham that I had said he could have some. Graham would question him and Whitman would shoot back, "you're mean."  This went on and on for some time but the boy still didn't get any milk from his brother. He did finally get some with his breakfast later in the morning.
  • Robby took Keaton and Whitman to school. This was pretty much their last day since Thursday is just certificate day. They came home with their school boxes and a bag full of papers. Whitman received his report card today and the only thing he can't do well is put on and take off his coat. I will happily take that! Keaton came home with hers last week and she had Cs (complete) on everything except recite nursery rhymes. Who needs that skill anyway? (Graham couldn't do that either in preschool and still struggles to memorize poems/verses today.) Actually, next fall I have already planned on her brothers and sisters helping her memorize poems as part of her kindergarten. 
  • Whitman and Keaton were picked up by Grannymom and the had a celebratory last week of school lunch at Burns Park. Whitman came home telling me about it and said that it was the best park ever. Keaton was just as excited and made sure that Robby told me exactly where they had gone.
  • This was officially our last day of school but when the neighbors came out early, I made a deal with the kids that if they agreed to work some tomorrow then they could head on outside. I am not even sure what the answer to their question was but they were pretty much outside from 10 this morning (possibly earlier) until 9 tonight.
  • Around lunch they did come in to eat and managed to finish off their chores. They also were in for about an hour this afternoon which gave them time to eat a snack and watch some tv. They played lots of freeze tag, four square, water balloons and even a game of kickball.
  • When Keaton and Whitman came home, they joined everyone outside. Whitman watched a few movies but did eventually come out. Then he went in for a few more movies. I was at Bunko and Robby was working hard on organizing one of his sheds. 
  • Robby let time slip away from him and it was nearly 9 when he threw the hot dogs and corn on the grill. The kids showered and then they ate their late night supper. Robby finished cleaning up a few things and let everyone watch one show before bed and then it was bed for all. Tomorrow will be our first day of a summer schedule so we will see how that works!

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