May 11, 2017

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  • Whitman and Keaton were the first ones in my room this morning. I noticed that Robby wasn't saying much and after looking for him on the other side of the bed, I remembered that he was already on a work phone call at 7 this morning. 
  • My Keaton and Whitman were excited about getting to stay at school longer today for Lunch Box Kids. Keaton has been wanting to stay all year long but with Robby and I both being home on Thursdays there has been no way that we could justify the extra cost. But everyone should get to stay once if they really want to so this was her day! And they could not wait to get there.
  • Robby dropped them off while the rest of us started on school. I think that next week might be our next week of school-maybe. I haven't said anything to the kids because I may change my mind since Whitman and Keaton will have school the next week so we might as well. We will see.
  • The morning went well and I spent a good deal of my time working on the school room closet. If I have time tomorrow I can probably finish it. Why do we have so much stuff? Seriously, I feel like we need it all and have a hard time getting rid of things-like I better keep these glow in the dark bugs because someone may need them for their Valentine's one day. I might possibly be a hoarder.
  • Graham helped me make lunch and after a bit of lunch making he decided that he wasn't feeling quite well. And in fact, he did not feel well at all. Around 4, I got to do one of my least favorite mom duties-standing around as someone is throwing up. I was outside taking some pictures when Robby called me in. At least the boy made it to the bathroom.
  • But bless, all he wanted to do was eat and all I would tell him was no. He has just been pretty sickly but after an uneventful evening, I did give him one, yep just one, cracker before bed. I hope he is on the mend since it has been about 3 since he has been sickly.
  • Back to this afternoon, I picked up Keaton and Whitman and they had a great day at school. Whitman's teacher said that he was a bit surprised about the "nap" part of the afternoon-I bet he was! I took them to the store with me after picking them up and probably spent 50 extra dollars because of those two. 
  • At the store, I realized how much different of a mother I am now then just a few years ago-I would have never have let Reagan and Anderson push the shopping cart around the store. But today, Whitman and Keaton happily pushed their shopping cart around.
  • Anderson found a pretty huge turtle-probably the largest one that we have seen. The neighbors came over and they played a game of kickball before letting the turtle go. Then it was time to eat.
  • After supper, we even had a bit of time to watch a few episodes of the Bates. This seems to be the kids' favorite show lately and I think that I enjoy it as much as they do. Graham is sleeping in our room tonight and hopefully the rest of the night will be uneventful.

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