May 27, 2017

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  • Robby and I were the only ones in the house this morning and we slept wonderfully until 9. We had joked that we would probably wake up at 6 this morning but thankfully we did sleep longer than that.
  • Robby and I picked up a bit around here and then ran to Shannon's house to feed their cat. We were home for a bit longer and worked a bit in the garage. Soon Keaton and Campbell arrived with Grannymom and Grandpa. 
  • The girls had been to the store and were anxious to use their new goggles that they had bought. Robby and Grandpa cut down the limb that held out driveway swing. That was pretty entertaining to watch. At one point, Keaton or Campbell said, "I can't watch!" and I certainly agreed. 
  • We worked a bit in the yard and then I had to jump in the car to go and pick up Reagan and her friends. She had spent the night at Kennedy's for her birthday and I brought the girls back across the river. They stayed up until 3 but didn't seem too tired because they talked and talked the entire way back.
  • Nonna, Pops, Jason and the boys were soon at our house. I ran in to heat up some corn before Robby threw it on the grill. Then we had hamburgers, chips, corn and beans for lunch. Everyone sat around outside in lawnchairs under the tree. Then we passed out ice cream sandwiches for dessert and things were just pretty perfect.
  • Robby soon drug out the huge water slide. We have had it for a few years and the last time we put it up, we were just sure that it wouldn't work because of the huge holes. And late time we had it out, the kids would just deflate it as soon as they climbed out. We were actually going to just throw it away but Robby told the kids that we could try it one more time.
  • Thankfully, he thought about using his leaf blower as another air supply. Once he cranked that thing up, that thing was so sturdy that we had 4-5 kids on top of it at a time. The neighbors came down to play and the kids played and played and played-until finally the gas ran out on the blower! They had a blast. 
  • My Whitman even asked for his "red thing" (life jacket) before getting in the water. I thanked him profusely for remembering but then told him that he didn't need it today. He had a blast and was the last one out of the water. There was water guns, sliding, even another kiddie pool and popsicles to celebrate.
  • Around 6, the kids came in and started on showers and when Robby jumped off his mower, we loaded up and headed back to Maumelle. This time to go and but snow cones. Yes, I am sure that there were snow cones closer to the house but these were served with ice cream inside of the snow cone. They were pretty great and worth the two plus hours that we were out on the snow cone adventure.
  • Once we made it home, Whitman had his shower (he slept through the first round) and everyone else headed to bed. Robby told them that they could leave their lights on for a bit but they had already all turned their lights out before he made it up to tuck them in. They were some pretty tired kiddos.

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