September 10, 2017

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  • After the movie last night, I made sure that the girls all fell asleep and then I headed to bed myself. It was probably 1:30 when I finally turned off my light and went to sleep. Robby and I were both awake before the girls this morning which is much different than previous years. 
  • I had to run upstairs to wake up Lilly so Robby could take her home while picking up Anderson and breakfast. The girls were just then starting to move but Lilly was still sound asleep. It didn't take long for them to all wake up. By the time that I had gotten myself dressed they were all sitting on the couch, dressed for church and telling ghost stories.
  • Robby returned home with doughnuts for breakfast. Overall, this was probably one of the smoothest birthday parties that Reagan has had. Things were pretty calm and everyone seemed to get along just fine. We had to gobble down the doughnuts and then throw everything into the car and head to church.
  • The girls all took their stuff into the church and everyone headed their separate ways. Camryn walked with us to see all of the grands. Then it was time for church. Whitman did better this week than last week. He is just a wiggly little boy!
  • After church, everyone went to Sunday school and then we headed to Nonna's house for lunch. They had BBQ and a cake for Reagan. Reagan was pretty pleased to blow out another set of candles. The kids played for a bit and then we headed home.
  • Robby and I had a much needed nap. The kids stayed downstairs and I didn't wake up until Robby had already cut all of the boys' hair. I had walked through the living room 3 or 4 times an even stepped over a blanket in my way each time. It was probably my 4th time through the living room that I realized that Keaton was sound asleep curdled up in that blanket sound asleep. Staying up until midnight is tough on a 5 year old. Her head would bob in church and then it would fall backwards and slam into the pew top over and over in church today.
  • The boys played outside for a bit before they headed in for showers. Then it was time to straighten this house. Robby and I worked in the bonus room, Reagan, Anderson and Graham worked on the laundry, and Keaton and Campbell did some other chores around the house. It didn't take too long but when we finished, the house was straighter and it was time for supper.
  • I heated up some leftovers for supper (we always make too much food for parties but that works out well because we end up with lots of leftovers which will surely be eaten.) After we ate, we watched a bit of tv before everyone went to bed. The kids said that they weren't tired but we didn't believe them at all! They have to be exhausted!

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