September 22, 2017-Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • Whitman came into our room early this morning and stayed with us for a bit. The boys were already awake so Whitman, my shadow today, and I went upstairs to wake up the girls.
  • We ate our breakfasts and then started on our together work. As we did this, some of the kids made Robby birthday cards, which I took up and then forgot to give him until just a few minutes ago.
  • The kids worked on their school work and Anderson was nearly finished by lunch time today. His math began something new so I guess it was easier than his previous math. I guess it would be-today was algebra stuff (1/2x - 5 = 13) and yesterday was finding the area and circumference of a circle. I know these things are important but in my daily life, I rarely find the area of a circle-just saying!
  • Whitman did well today. It is always a bit of a struggle since he isn't usually here during school day. He put his laundry up for me when I asked and then watched a few movies as we worked together. Afterwards, he did a few things from his boxes and then sat and watched Keaton do some of her school work with me.
  • We had our lunch and just as we finished cleaning from lunch, Grannymom and Grandpa came to pick up Keaton. She was headed to their house for the evening and couldn't wait to get there. Around 9 this morning, Robby saw Keaton in the hallway wearing her backpack. He suggested that she take it off for a bit.
  • After she left, the rest of us went to town on cleaning the house. It isn't the cleanest but it will certainly due for a 5 year old birthday party. We do have to vacuum tomorrow-I can already tell that it was fall because the leaves are already all throughout my house. Not only that, Graham asked for his sleeping bag tonight saying that he was cold at night...or maybe he just wants to sleep in the floor tonight.
  • We loaded up around 5 to take Campbell to her birthday party-it was a surprise sleepover party. How much fun! I think they had a blast. We also dropped Reagan off with Candice and she shuttled her to Cate's birthday party across town.
  • Then Robby and I picked up the pizzas and headed back to our house. The Wilson's arrived soon and it was all boys here at first tonight. The dug into the pizza and Shannon even brought chocolate chip cookies to help cap off Robby's birthday celebration.
  • The grownups and Whitman loaded up to go and pick up Reagan and Alyssa Kate. Whitman fell asleep on the drive out there and when we returned home, he was put right to bed. The kids all played some ping pong and watched a movie or two. Around 11, Reagan asked for a snack and I told her that this was not a party! I guess it really was Robby's party though!
  • A bit later tonight Whitman stumbled out of his room. I was in the kitchen so I asked him what was wrong. He told me that his brothers weren't in their beds. Robby told him that he would go and get him but I guess since he fell asleep in the car, Whitman didn't get in one last potty so he had wet himself. I was super relieved that he did this while on the carpet and not in his bed. I changed him and spent some time with the carpet cleaner-this made me pretty grateful that I haven't had to use it in a while. Which is something I have probably just jinxed!

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