September 20, 2017

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  • I did sleep with one eye open last night and thankfully, Robby didn't grab my head "trying to turn it off" as he did last night. Robby and I really stirred before everyone else did this morning. We had thought about me taking the kids to the free chick fil a breakfast on the way to Bible study. Our chick fil a is giving away free breakfast on Wednesday mornings this month. 
  • Anderson had already eaten and I figured that at least one weirdo wouldn't want the breakfast, so I just decided to eat at home. That was fine because there would be lots more of chick fil a later.
  • Once my bagel was warm, we loaded up to head to Bible study. We left a bit later than usual but that was fine since we have still been getting there so much earlier than we need to. We had just passed the gas station when Keaton realized that she didn't have her shoes. So we turned around to grab those. I did make sure everyone else had shoes before we left the driveway again. What is it with my people and their shoes?
  • In opening at Bible study, Candice mentioned that there were still openings at Chick fil a in Maumelle. The first 100 people in line get a years worth of combo meals. It took about 2 text for me to convince Robby to cross the river. I knew that he hadn't had a shower yet but by the time our opening was finished, he was in the car.
  • He did take a shower, grabbed his computer so he could work along with a hammock and chair and then he was off. I finally got the text that he made it and could then pay attention to my Bible study group. 
  • Mike was using our little tent so Robby was able to use Wes' extra tent. They had a tent for shade and there were ample extension cords. They fed everyone lunch and even had water and ice out for them during the day. There were games and prizes which helped pass the time.
  • After our Bible study, I told the kids were Robby was and they were all a bit disappointed. They wanted to be sitting in the parking lot that felt like 105 degrees with their dad. Robby would have taken two of them (that's the limit) but they had to be with him when he registered and we were at Bible study. Next time though, we will plan better.
  • When we walked out of Bible study, Nonna and Pops were there waiting for Keaton. She was so happy to get to go shopping-well, browsing. They had lunch at chick fil a and then spent most of the afternoon looking for things that she wants for her birthday. There is no telling what all she pointed at today!
  • The rest of us headed to the park with my group and the Heltz. It was hot but the kids did play some. My leader had brought tons of cookies and as we were leaving she was trying to give them away. One lady put a whole box of cookies in Graham's hands. I couldn't take them away so we all had cookies for snack this afternoon.
  • After the park, we headed home for a few minutes. I unpacked from Bible study and then I packed everything that Robby would need-sleeping bag, pillow, sheet, extension cord, another extension cord, ice chest, drinks, clothes, toiletries, candy, cookies to share, and a big fan. 
  • By the time we made it there, Whitman was sound asleep so he stayed in the car. They rest of us stood on the grass while Robby stayed in the parking lot (they have quite a few rules). We dropped off his stuff and chatted until it was time for his group to go inside (air conditioning!) and pack meals for the hurricane folks.
  • We then drove home and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. Campbell and I worked on some stuff for Keaton's party, I cut a few boards and soon it was time for me to heat up supper. The kids were going to get pizza at church but I wasn't sure if they would get enough so we ate at home too. Reagan even forgot to get pizza tonight so it was a good thing we did eat at home.
  • We then hurried to church and afterwards, Graham really wanted me to go and see Robby. I thought about it but it would have involved me having to get gas and since it was already late, we just face timed him at bedtime.
  • Everyone changed into their pjs and then I did give them a pretty good night time snack-trying to bribe them for an easy bedtime. The boys room was pretty noisy for a bit but everyone seems to be asleep right now!

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