September 4, 2017

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  • Even with all of our extra house guests last night, the kids weren't up too much earlier than usual. Whitman hopped up at 7:30ish and ran out the door to go and find the boys. When Keaton woke up around 8:30, she also jumped right up in search of the girls.
  • Whitman just loves his sister. Last night even though they were both sound asleep, he would cuddle up to her. Keaton even said that at one point last night, he was holding her hand in his sleep.
  • Robby made breakfast this morning-pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs and I sat out some grapes, banana bread and cantaloupe. His breakfast was a hit and my contribution to it wasn't touched at all!
  • After a bit, we did kick the kids outside-well, we just highly encouraged them playing outside. They all went and were out doors for about an hour or maybe a bit more. I guess that it was hot so they didn't last too long. The girls did paint some rocks for a bit outside but soon everyone was back inside.
  • I was gone by then since I ran to the grocery store. Again, I am already a total failure at my "no-spend month" since I have spent money every single day this month. I didn't spent a crazy amount at the store so all is well. Now, I will still have to go back later this week to buy more items for Reagan's party.
  • When I came back, Dana showed up soon to pick up Lilly and Cash. Then the rest of the kiddo played until it was almost lunch time. I just got out all of the lunch stuff and let the kids make their own sandwiches and wraps. That worked out well and the kids ate and then played for a bit before I loaded everyone up to take Noah home.
  • My boys weren't looking forward to having to run into Michaels so I made Noah go with us. We were in the store for about 6 minutes so no harm was done to their manhood. Then we dropped off Noah and came home.
  • Jason dropped by and some of the kids played my Ticket to Ride game with him. Even Keaton was able to play it today which makes me want to play more games with everyone. I surely have plenty that we could play. Maybe we could make one night each week as our game night and just play one game-that would be a good winter goal.
  • When the game was over, Jason headed to Nonna and Pops' house and the Wilsons all came over here. We had hamburgers, hot dogs and all of the fixings. The kids played as the adults talked and eventually we ended the evening with ice cream. There was talk of being healthy tomorrow and cutting back in the ice cream (along with the rest of our food intake) and upping our excersizing. We shall see!
  • Everyone headed to bed after the Wilsons headed home. First I did make them pick up a bit but they do that really well-sometimes. Today was our first day of their new chore chart and we shall see how that works out as well. 

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