September 13, 2017

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  • This morning when I went in to wake the girls up, I could tell that Keaton's bed was very empty. After a brief moment of panic, I did find her cuddled up in Reagan's bed. The morning before it was Campbell in Reagan's bed. I am not sure what all is happening upstairs but it is sweet that my sisters want to be near each other.
  • My boys were already awake this morning and didn't need to be woken up. They had been making marble tracks before 7. Last night I had let them watch some marble track videos on youtube and that was all that the could think about this morning. Graham worked on one coming down the stairs and Anderson tried to make one in the kitchen. In the end, they decided that watching them on the computer was just as fun as making them. So after they were dressed, that is where they headed.
  • This was our second Bible study morning and we again left in plenty of time. I know that our leave time will get later each week so I gladly take these few mornings when we did arrive a few minutes early and have to sit in the car. 
  • Reagan, Graham and I all had bagels this morning as we drove off to Bible study. That is my favorite part of the week. Reagan was a bit bummed that this was her last bagel-not really but the foods that they told braces wearers not to wear did include bagels. I told her that she could just tear it into bite sized pieces and be just fine!
  • Campbell's Bible study teacher today told me that I had done so good with all of my kids-that they could all just read so well. That is encouraging to hear since I have no one really to compare the kids to except for each other and often doubt my teaching capabilities.
  • After Bible study, we all headed to the park to eat our lunch. The kids played really well until it was time to get in the car and then they just fell apart. We then ran to Micheal's to pick up a few things for Keaton's party and then it was home.
  • The kids did some of their chores and practiced their short little reports about their book. Then it was free time for everyone-even me. I may or may not have rested my eyes for a few minutes on the couch. I told Robby that Wednesdays are just hard but he reminded me that they used to be harder when I would leave the park and then go and visit Beebee for a bit. That was true but I still deserve a Wednesday nap.
  • Soon it was time for supper and time to head to church tonight. Everyone is pleased with their classes and Anderson didn't mention anything about the one short class where he is the only boy so hopefully that is going well. Pick up time is less crazy this year since I don't have to go upstairs and all around the buildings to fetch the kids but it is still crazy since the hallways are absolutely full. 
  • At home, Robby had everyone warm brownies for their snack. They gobbled those up and then it was time for pjs and after a few minutes of down time it was again bedtime!

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