September 18, 2017

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  • This Monday was pretty rough. I was up at a decent time and everyone was able to eat together as I read today's Bible story. Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us started our working together.
  • I am not sure if our slow weekend led to lots of extra energy around the house today or what but even when we were working together, I could tell that the school day was going to be a doozey. 
  • The kids did not cause me to lose my patience this morning which was a good thing but I did briefly think about driving away to pick me up some ice cream. However, I stayed and helped everyone finish school.
  • I with that some of Graham would rub off on Anderson and some of Anderson would rub off on Graham. Graham flies through school so he can finish when he really needs to just slow down. Anderson takes his sweet time during school when he really needs to hurry up just a bit. 
  • Tomorrow will be a better school day-since we aren't even doing school because it is homeschool day. Reagan helped make lunch-it was almost 1 when we finally ate. I read some of our book to the kids and just as we finished, Nonna and Pops came to drop of Whitman a bit early.
  • He was happy to be home and had a list of things he wanted to play with-leaving a trail of destruction throughout this house. The other day I felt bad because he watched movies all afternoon and today, all I wanted him to do was watch movies! He didn't have any time for movies-he played trains, built with blocks, painted, played with playdoh, played with sand, made a slide for his animals and even built a marble track.
  • Reagan and Graham helped me make spaghetti for supper tonight. I think that is what we had last Monday night. Everyone's likes it so this week we doubled the recipe so there will be enough for some leftovers tomorrow. 
  • Anderson had taken a pretty long break during school to make some pudding for everyone's after supper snack. The kids all enjoyed it except silly Whitman would not try any of it. Who doesn't eat chocolate pudding? 
  • Then it was shower time and afterwards, I played Phase 10 with Campbell, Keaton and Graham. Anderson played the xbox some and was on his ipad like Reagan and Whitman. It was another slow day which is fine but I am craving a bit of activity and I know that tomorrow will provide that!

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