September 14, 2017

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  • Whitman was again in our room this morning first. He laid with us for a little bit and then asked about making a marble track. There have been marble tracks all over this house the last few days. It is possibly making me a bit crazy. I told him that there wasn't time this morning and that we had to go and wake up the girls.
  • He went with me upstairs and this morning Campbell was in Reagan's bed. Campbell later told me that Reagan asked them to sleep in her bed because when they come to her bed, they bring their covers. Then she doesn't have to use her covers and her bed stays nice, neat and made.
  • We had waffles and pancakes for breakfast today and as soon as Whitman took his last bite, it was time for him to go to school. Robby took him and the rest of us clean the kitchen and started to work on our science and history. 
  • Right at 9, Reagan and I jumped in the car for her day out. Braces day! Poor Reagan was not looking forward to the day though. The lady was great with her and even though they said that it would take an hour or more, it was much less than an hour. 
  • Personally, I think Reagan looks really cute with her braces-more grown up. Afterwards, we drove right to Tropical Smoothie and she bought herself a smoothie. Nonna was on standby to get Whitman if the orthodontist took too long but in the end Reagan and I even had time to walk through Goodwill before picking up Whitman.
  • He was the first one for Reagan to show her braces to. After Reagan smiled at Whitman, he said "those are Lillys." He remembered Lilly's braces. We headed home to check on the others doing school work at home.
  • They had mostly completed their school work-some did it with excellence and other not so much. Once we had most of school sorted out, it was time to eat our lunch. Whitman had come home asking to have a picnic so I said yes. I even offered for them to have a picnic outside but I could get no takers on that. They had their picnic in the living room and Whitman even made everyone have a dance party afterwards.
  • Once that was cleaned up, it was chore time for my people followed by some downtime. The kids headed outside a bit too late in the afternoon because they were only outside for about an hour when it was time to load up and head to church.
  • Poor Whitman asked "again?" when I said that we were going to church-since Sunday he has been to church (or a church) seven different times. Tonight was Refresh at church and it was really good. The kids all enjoyed it too and were ready to go back next month.
  • When we made it home, everyone had showers and then a cookie for a snack before brushing their teeth and heading to bed.

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