September 17, 2017

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  • My boys were already wearing their Sunday clothes when I saw them this morning. I then headed upstairs to wake up the girls. I couldn't find Campbell-I glanced in Keaton's bed and then Reagan's. I knew she wasn't downstairs so I even lifted up her covers which we were on the floor, and she wasn't there. Thankfully, she popped out of their closet door all dressed just as I was beginning to become concerned.
  • Next on the list was to get Whitman ready. He can put on his pants and undies by himself...only when he wants to.  So it took him a good long time to for him to get ready-I think I had my shower, got ready and even dried my hair while he was still sitting in the closet floor naked from the waist down. 
  • Graham had brought home 3 doughnuts from yesterday, so I divided them into halves. The kids each had one plus whatever other breakfast that they could find. Then it was time to head to church. Whitman seemed to do better in church today though by the end of it, I feel as if I have fought a wild tiger all through the sermon. 
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for Sunday lunch and to celebrate Robby's birthday. Grannymom had BBQ and all the fixings. Robby blew out candles on Oreo delight and then he opened presents-a Lowe's gift card, tools, a level and a new wallet. 
  • The kids played outside and Keaton picked out what she wanted to paint on Saturday at her birthday party. Dana has graciously been nominated to lead the girls in painting a picture so it will be quite an interesting party.
  • This afternoon, Robby and I went upstairs to take a nap and left the kids downstairs to do whatever they pleased. I was pleasantly surprised that the house was not a disaster when we did wake up from our nap. I told Robby that I would take care of the picking up if he would take care of the supper. A few minutes later, he came downstairs saying that he had found a pizza mystery shop and a Chinese coupon. That worked out well.
  • He took everyone except for the big boys and headed out. The boys hung out at home with me. Graham worked on his report and even typed it much quicker than I could have ever imagined. Afterwards, the boys played xbox while we waited on supper to arrive.
  • We all ate and then watched a Bates and a McGhee before sending the crew to bed. This is going to be a busy week so everyone will need lots of rest!

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