September 5, 2017

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  • Not too many folks were awake this morning but things still started moving earlier than usual. Whitman had school this morning so he was dressed already while we had breakfast. I had planned to start on our breakfast menu but we had plenty of breakfast leftovers so that it what we ate.
  • Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us started on our school work. Today went incredibly smoothly. Last year, I could usually almost be finished with working with everyone and checking their school work by 11, but this year I am lucky if I can finish all of this by 11:30. This puts a little bit of a rush on our history/science time, but we survive.
  • Campbell's chore today was to help with lunch and she did a great job making everyone's lunches. I read some during lunch and then I started on my chores. I ended up even getting on the treadmill for a bit this afternoon.
  • We even played Phase 10 for a bit this afternoon-everyone except for Anderson. We weren't able to finish the game because I finally had to stop to bake some banana bread.
  • Campbell was my helper this afternoon and Graham did work some in the kitchen. The banana bread was pretty good especially since we added some cinnamon and sugar topping to it.
  • Whitman and Robby came home before the bread was out of the oven. After a bit, Robby and I worked on supper for everyone-more leftovers. I think that we even have another night of leftovers in the fridge. 
  • The kids ate some of the banana bread for their dessert-well, some of them just ate the cinnamon and sugar topping off of the bread. After the kitchen was clean, it was shower time for everyone. 
  • We played a few more rounds of Phase 10 before finally settling down to watch a Bates. The kids weren't too keen on going to bed, but since we let them read that made things a bit better. Tomorrow is the first day back at Bible study after the summer break so I think that everyone will be pretty excited about it.

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