September 16, 2017

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  • It was a bit quieter around here this morning with only Reagan really sleeping in. I was surprised that anyone in their room slept late since Anderson also slept in their room. The kids found their own breakfast and found their spots in the living room.
  • It wasn't too long before Keaton and Campbell set off with Robby. They stopped at Sonic for a drink and then on to run a few errands. While they were gone, Anderson and I worked on Legos for a very long time. The girls had fun but when they returned home and Campbell realized that she wasn't getting to go to the store, she had herself a little fit. I guess that she loves the store as much as I do. 
  • Robby came home for a few minutes and then was back out the door with Anderson to do a mystery shop and then to hit the grocery store. Graham and Whitman were still gone so it was just the girls and me. We had our lunch, clipped fingernails and they even practiced their reports a few times.
  • Robby brought Whitman home with him and soon afterwards, Graham came back with Nonna and Pops. The afternoon was kind of slow and we did nothing much. Robby and I did take a nap.
  • At supper, we headed to the Wilson's house to celebrate Shannon's birthday. Tony had made steak and chicken and gracious, I wish that we could make chicken like his. It was really good-I probably should have stuck some in my purse (if I carried a purse.)
  • After supper, I worked on making my lava cakes. That were a flop! I overcooked them even though I did it for the least amount of suggested time. Everyone still found them edible with some icing, chocolate syrup and ice cream on top!
  • The kids all played-maybe a bit too much. Then, we headed home in time for all of the kiddos to have showers before bedtime for all. It is Saturday night so showers were mandatory. We can run them through the showers pretty quickly these days which makes shower time shorter and bedtime closer which is a good thing.

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