September 12, 2017-Happy Birthday Reagan!

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  • Whitman joined us in bed after 7 this morning and I was very thankful that we had all slept all night long. Robby, however, had not slept all night long. He had fever last night and didn't really sleep well. 
  • Whitman and I went upstairs to wake up the birthday girl and Graham joined us as we sang to her this morning. I didn't plan well enough to make her a big breakfast so it was candles in toast and fried eggs but she didn't seem to mind.
  • Soon Whitman was out the door for school. He has a cold too and has been a bit difficult lately which usually means that he doesn't feel that great either. I think that he did fine at school or at least when we were at the open house tonight Ms. Stacy did say that he just cracks her up. That at least sounds like he acts decent.
  • The rest of us did school...I know I should have skipped on Reagan's birthday but really, what else would we have done today and she probably won't be able to do school on Thursday because of her braces appointment. I don't think she minded too much-mainly because she is carrying around her duffel bag of banned candy (due to the braces) with her and is working fervently at finishing it all off before Thursday.
  • For some reason, I finished my school stuff early this morning. I am not too sure how that happened but it sure did make me happy. By the time that lunch rolled around, the kids were all finished with school except for a bit of reading.
  • Reagan helped make lunch and then the kids went to town on their chores. The new chore chart is written for the entire week and it sure does make my evening routines a bit easier not having to do that each night. After their chores, most of us sat in the living room and read. I did as well-I wanted to make sure that Anderson read and understood his book for our homeschool day project so I read it quickly. 
  • When I did work with Anderson on his project, I was pleased to see that he had indeed read the book and he understood it very well. That made me happy! Next up was some treadmill time for me followed by working with Campbell on her report for homeschool day. Five down only one more to go. 
  • Whitman and Robby made it home around supper time. Campbell's chore this week was to make supper one night and she was delighted that I asked her to tonight. The only catch with making supper is that it has to be something that we have so chicken nuggets, cornbread, beans and corn was the menu tonight. It killed hunger and everyone left happily.
  • After supper, we all loaded up for Whitman's open house. We saw his room (already seen it) and met his teacher (6th time to have Ms. Stacy). After all of this, we did watch a bit of a slide show and have a cookie. 
  • This would have been enough to make Whitman happy but we needed to end this birthday with a little more celebration so we headed off to Dairy Queen. Everyone picked a Blizzard and enjoyed it-well, Whitman didn't want any of his because he thought that he was getting just M&Ms and not ice cream and M&Ms. He must not have been hungry at all because he didn't eat any of it. He didn't seem to care at all though.
  • After we had finished, we headed home. The kids had showers, made their lunches for tomorrow and the big 4 even watched some marble track race videos on youtube before bed!

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