September 11, 2017

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  • Last night Robby went to bed around 10 so I was in bed much earlier than usual. I played on my phone and decided to go to sleep at 10:30. I wasn't too pleased about this since I enjoy staying up late....
  • But at 4 this morning when Graham walked through my room holding a trash bag, I was pretty pleased that I went to bed so early. Poor guy was pretty sickly until about 6:30. My Graham almost panics when he is about to throw up and he is louder than a grown man. Seriously, it is ridiculous. 
  • I stayed with him most of the time-I did start a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, go through my jewelry box and clean both of the potties. I hoped that after I cleaned potties he would be done (didn't happen). He would try to lay down in my room and would have to jump back up over and over again. We even tried sitting on the couch but that didn't seem to help. At 6:30, he finally went back to sleep and even though I had planned on just staying up since it was almost 7, I was soon fast asleep myself.
  • He sure might have had the stomach bug but he also has had a cold (like Keaton, Whitman and Robby, who feels miserable today). Possibly Graham's morning events were caused by his drainage but just in case, I will be going to bed early tonight as well.
  • When Graham did wake up, he was begging for toast and by 10, he had already eaten his leftover doughnut that the others had saved for him. Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us started on our morning.
  • Today I tried to do our work together (science, history, memory work...) first thing in the morning and it worked very well. I was a bit less stressed during school since we had already accomplished our working together and I didn't feel like I had to hurry the kids along to finish their school.
  • At noon, I ran to drop something off and even ran into Walmart to buy a few things. The kids stayed home. I had thought that I would be home earlier than I was so I did tell them that they could go ahead and grab their lunch. It was leftover ham and cheese croissants for everyone. 
  • This afternoon went by pretty quickly. The kids made a fort or two, played a few card games and watched some tv. I even went through the Halloween costumes to see if I could find anything for this Halloween. Robby wrote me teasing me that it was September 11th and not October 11th.  I reminded him that my organization makes his life so much easier.
  • Nonna had picked Whitman up from school and he had a big day over there. He made lots of forts there too-forts are the thing right now at this house. I guess it is a good thing that I haven't gotten rid of some of these blankets at a garage sale.
  • Around 4, I kicked everyone out of the house. It was such a beautiful day. I walked the little loop with the kids and we even rode around it twice on the bikes. I rode one of our larger bikes and the boys were pretty worried that I was going to fall off. I didn't thankfully!
  • I heated up some spaghetti while Robby played ball with the kids. Now, last week I said that I needed to make more spaghetti and unfortunately, I didn't this week. I think that everyone had enough food but I sure could use some ice cream.
  • Everyone had already had their showers before supper, so after we ate my crew helped me clean and then we watched a few hgtv shows before bed! Hopefully, everyone sleeps all night tonight and all are well in the morning.

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