September 24, 2017

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  •  If the kids had as much initiative about things on weekdays as they do on Sunday mornings, I would be one happy lady. Everyone, but Reagan and Whitman, were dressed in their church clothes and downstairs playing ipads when I made my rounds downstairs opening up the house.
  • I herded Whitman to my room to get dressed and Reagan was coming down dressed shortly thereafter. I had them get their breakfast and this was done quickly and without fuss. We were able to leave for church early enough to get gas for the cars on the way.
  • To cap off no spend month, Robby bought a car. Yep, it was a good buy and all but I do think that this will have to be our last "no spend month" or we will go completely broke-2 Dennie kid birthday parties, 6 Dairy Queen cakes, braces and a car. 
  • We were able to see all of the grands before church and then find out seats before the service. Whitman did seem to be a bit better today. Last night during prayer time, he began jumping on his bed so in the middle of my prayer, I not so gently placed my hand on his rear. He was not happy at all about this and was probably afraid to move around too much at church for fear that we might be praying and I would get him again. 
  • As we were leaving church, he asked, "is it over?" I said yes and then he replied that he just thought we were shaking hands. 
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house and we celebrated Keaton and Robby's birthdays. Nonna had a doughnut cake for Keaton and an Oreo cake for Robby. They both blew out their candles and since Keaton had already opened her presents, Robby opened his-gift cards to Target and Lowes.
  • After lunch, the kids played some and then Robby and Anderson headed on an errand and the rest of us headed home. I realized that I had not pulled out school on Friday (just about a 30-45 minute job but not one I wanted to do on Sunday afternoon.) I did that, made a few lists (which make me happy) and then folded 2 loads of laundry.
  • The kids watched a few movies, played the xbox and opened up more of Keaton's presents. Soon, it was time for church tonight so we loaded up and headed there. 
  • Tonight in the middle of church, Whitman asked me what I was going to be for Halloween. There is really no whispering with him so I am pretty sure that the folks in front of him heard our conversation. I told him that I was going to be a "tired mom" and he said, "so you aren't going to wear a costume?"
  • After church, we picked up a pizza-if we eat before church, it is just pretty early and then the kids need something else afterwards, but if we eat after church it is just a bit late for supper and they are really hungry. So we had a granola bar or crackers on the way to church and then the pizza once we came home.
  • The kids put on their pjs and then we had a bit of downtime before bed. The big 5 played a game of Sushi Go while Whitman played on his ipad. I wasn't paying any attention to him because earlier in the day I had taken it away from him today and tomorrow. I will have to be more diligent tomorrow and not let that little stinker sneak that Ipad. 
  • We put the kids to bed and then I had my ice cream in a half cup container. I am trying to be good, so is Robby, who has even been running, but I sure don't like being good at all!

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