September 3, 2017

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  • Graham and Campbell were up early this morning and were both dressed for church. Robby was up fairly early as well because he met Grannymom and Grandpa down the road to pick up Reagan. She wasn't too keen on the idea of having to go to church an hour early with them.
  • Robby had started the oven before he left, so I put the cinnamon rolls in. I had thought that I set a timer but I guess that I didn't. When Robby came home with Reagan and Campbell who rode along, I asked her how much time was left on the timer. She was quick to tell me that the timer wasn't on which sent me running to the kitchen. Thankfully, breakfast was saved and even needed to cook a few more minutes before being done.
  • Church was good this morning-the kids all had a decent number of kids in their classes. Robby and I enjoyed the teaching in our class and most importantly, we were out early! We were at Grannymom's house about 15 minutes earlier than we used to leave church.
  • Grannymom had lunch for us and everyone enjoyed eating it and dessert. The big boys, Campbell and Keaton stayed with Dana and Cash (Lilly was gone). That just left Reagan and Whitman home with us. We tried to convince Whitman to take a nap but I think that Reagan wanted a buddy this afternoon.
  • Robby and I napped while Reagan and Whitman watched tv and probably ate about half a pound of candy. They had a big time but they let us nap so it was fine with us. Around 4, we started to stir because we soon met Dana and all of the kids at the pool.
  • The Kamps and Crafts were there too so it was just a big party. This made all of my people happy and we ended up staying until the pool closed. Robby ran to pick up Arbys for supper. When the pool was ending the kids started planning-Cash, Lilly and Noah all ended up spending the night.
  • As soon as we made it home, the girls showered and the boys found dry clothes. The boys played some basketball upstairs and then headed to the xbox. The girls played on the ipad and then convinced the boys to play spoons. 
  • Two loads of laundry is going and probably when we have to get up to change those, we will round up the troops for some ice cream sandwiches and then bedtime!

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