September 26, 2017

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  • I did wake everyone but Reagan up this morning. We started on breakfast; I had planned on not making her eggs and toast since she was planning on sleeping in because she had finished today's school work yesterday. I had figured that they would be cold and she would rather eat something else. However, I miscounted and had plenty of eggs and toast left for her. (The kids were bummed that we didn't have butter for their toast today and I was concerned that my eggs would stick without them. However, I did learn today that the best scrambled eggs are made with olive oil.)
  • As we were finishing breakfast, Reagan came downstairs. She said that she had been awake since I had woken up her sisters but stayed upstairs to make their beds. We told Whitman goodbye and then started to work on our school work.
  • I doubt that Reagan will probably ever do her school work the day before after today. I wouldn't let her play on her ipad so I think that she was a little bored. I offered for her to work with Keaton but she declined. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I needed brownies made so it was nearly 11:30 when I remembered that and set her to that task. It is too bad that I didn't have supper for her to make or something.
  • School went well though Graham is doing some pretty tough math (354,693 divided by 642) and became pretty frustrated. After her had his melt down, I helped him rewrite his problems on another piece of paper to make it easier. He still missed most of them due to silly little math errors. He does get the concept so I just helped him correct a few. At bunko tonight, we were talking about kids becoming frustrated and angry and someone suggested a punching bag. I really think that might help him so much sometimes.
  • Graham helped me make lunch today. It was kind of crazy because I pulled out all kind of leftovers and then even offered up sandwiches. Anderson did ask for half of a sandwich but other than that all of the leftovers were eaten. 
  • Anderson still had some school work to finish this afternoon but they convinced me to play a game right after lunch. We played for the championship trophy and it came down to a last second tie between Graham and Reagan, my two most competitive children. At the end everyone was screaming and yelling-not exactly the peaceful afternoon I had envisioned.
  • I ended up on the treadmill some this afternoon, something I need to do more often. The kids played some and Graham and Campbell went outside to play basketball. She will be playing this fall at Immanual along with her big brothers. Campbell told Graham that she would go out and play with him but she didn't want him to teach her anything because she already knew everything that he did. Gracious me!
  • I had bunko tonight and was able to run into two stores quickly before arriving. Amy had two desserts and they were both absolutely wonderful. I even brought some home for Robby. I am not really sure what all happened while I was gone. The big boys were awake when I came home and whispered at me while I was in the kitchen. It did scare me to death but it also made my night that they waited up for their momma.

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