September 27, 2017-Happy Birthday Keaton!

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  • I started off the morning trying to figure out what we could stick a candle in this morning to start of Keaton's birthday. This is Wednesday, so usually the kids just pick out their own breakfast and by the time I could come up with something, the birthday girl was already asking me if she could get a poptart and trying to find a clean plate.
  • A poptart it was! We stuck a candle in it and all gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to Keaton. I was scrambling this morning a bit since I hadn't made lunch last night. I thought that I had an errand to run for Robby so we were in the car earlier than even usual. At the last minute, Robby decided to run the errand so I headed to Chickfila.
  • Every Wednesday this month, Chickfila has given away free breakfasts. We have never gone but today, I decided why not. Since everyone had already eaten, I just asked for 4 of the free breakfast. The sweet lady taking our order looked in the car and said she would order 5 since I had more than 4 in the car. 
  • We ate our breakfast (again) as I drove around the parking lot at Immanuel before we climbed out and headed into Bible study. The kids just love Bible study and because of that, I do too.
  • After it was over, we headed to the park for a bit. Robby showed up with a balloon and brownies (the ones that Reagan made yesterday). We sang again and soon Keaton was just standing by us and up, up her balloon went. It had come off of the string!
  • On the way home from the park, I was going to stop by the Dollar Srote and buy another but Robby had already bought one on his way home. Though house later, Graham just hit at the balloon innocently and it hit the edge of my dresser and popped! Keaton didn't handle this as well as she did at the park. Graham was upset and offered to give her a dollar. I told him to just buy her one next time we are at the Dollar Tree. I calmed her down and Graham only started to feel better after I hung the balloon over her desk. This made everyone happy!
  • The afternoon flew by and a bit after 4, we loaded up for supper. Robby used the first of his Chickfila free meals. We did get 5 tonight so our total is down to 47 more combo meals left. We probably could have gotten by with just 4 instead of 5. We will know that next time.
  • Next stop was church. Robby came with me tonight and helped me pass out popsicles to all of the preschoolers. We finished a bit later than usual but soon we had gathered all of the kids and headed home. 
  • Whitman fell asleep on the way home and I as I was changing the sleeping boys clothes, he woke up enough to tell me that he wanted his socks on and then asked me why we have presidents. He is something else. We were a bit noisy downstairs looking at 4 new picture books that Robby has ordered so he soon woke up for a few minutes. Then it was soon time for everyone to head to bed! 

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