September 29, 2017

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  • Whitman was in my bed this morning and before I realized it, he was playing a game on my phone. That little stinker, but I was so tired that I just laid there until I couldn't take the music on the game any longer and went ahead and got up.
  • Campbell moved her fort to her bed last night and Reagan was still in her fort this morning (and is tonight). I am not sure where Whitman slept but he didn't get up until 7 so I guess he slept well.
  • We had our breakfast-waffles and pancakes along with a few leftover muffins. Then it was time to start our work together. We flew through everything today and the kids also quickly did their school. It did help that most everyone didn't have to work with me. I still had to work with Graham to catch up from yesterday.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham all a writing book where they have to write rough draft and then correct it and write a final draft. This year, I have given Reagan the option to type her final draft. That way she can count it for her rough draft and for her typing (killing two birds with one stone). Graham got wind of this and wanted to do it too. Of course, I said that he could. Then, I offered the same deal to Anderson and he was like "no way!" Everyone is just so different!
  • Before lunch, we watched a history video. It was a bit dry but did correlate to our history book so we all watched it....until Keaton said it was "horrible." She was sent right on to bed after that-I almost forgot about her upstairs when I went to fix lunch a bit later. The video wasn't that bad (we have 2 more episodes to watch!)
  • The kids then worked on their chores for a bit and then had some downtime. Some went outside for a little bit. When I did my treadmill time today, Campbell climbed on the one beside me. She told me that she was going to stay on as long as I did and she sure did. When we got off the treadmills, Keaton and Graham got on. 
  • I sat upstairs cooling off for a long time but finally decided that I needed to get my shower. I told them they had two more minutes and Graham said that he wanted to get a mile in. So I sat back down and waited for him to get his mile (I don't feel like I can leave the kids along on the treadmills.)
  • Then, it was a quick shower for me and we loaded up and headed to the McGuires for supper. The kids were oddly calm tonight and spent quite a bit of time outside playing capture the flag. Amber had Mexican along with fried ice cream. Even though the kids were happily watching a movie, around 10 it was finally time for us to head home. The boys have a big day tomorrow and need their rest!

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