September 25, 2017

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  • Monday morning and since Whitman couldn't watch his ipad this morning, he was my constant shadow. I did loose him for a bit while he was putting his clothes on but he quickly joined me while waking up the girls. I guess the girls just sleep a bit longer because there room is a bit darker in the morning time and the boys probably get a lot more sun.
  • Soon everyone was awake and eating breakfast. I read our Bible story during breakfast and just as we had finished, it was time for Whitman to load up with Robby for school. Whitman was excited about school today because he was the snack helper. This is a very big deal to everyone when they bring the snack. It always makes me question if our snack is appropriate for something that is so very exciting. He seemed pleased with it though-apple juice, gold fish and a cheese stick. I'm glad that he liked it because he will be taking the same exact thing next time he has snack since I bought two of each.
  • The rest of us started on school. This year, we have switched our work together time to early in the morning and it is just working splendidly. It does make our lunch time much crazier since I am still trying to grade math and all of the hard subjects that the kids seem to wait until last to do. But moving up our work together time has made me enjoy those subjects so much more since we don't have to be in such a hurry.
  • Anderson was the first one finished with his work today. He was so pleased with himself-this rarely does happen. I tried to encourage him to do a few extra chores from his list because he had such a large amount of extra time. He finally agreed to this and cleaned my microwave for me.
  • Keaton took a bit longer at school today mainly because I had to send her to her room at least once. She has really started talking back and I just didn't have the energy to wash her mouth out with soap (I've only done that once with Reagan).
  • We had our lunch and then as soon as we had finished chores, Reagan, who had finished her school earlier, started on tomorrow's school. I am always surprised that the kids don't work ahead more often since the big 3 are given a week's worth of school at a time. She is pretty much finished with tomorrow's school and made a big sign on her door saying not to wake her up. Hopefully, she will wake up on her own because I will have to wake her up by 8:15 for our work together time.
  • We hung our owl paintings just as Nonna brought home Whitman. He was happy to be home and was all over the house playing. The kids were all pretty wild this afternoon and I didn't kick anyone out of the house until almost 5. 
  • We cleaned Robby's car some and then he grilled some chicken. It was pretty delicious along with green beans, mashed potatoes, leftover corn and biscuits (which took a crazy amount of time to cook since my oven was off most of the time.)
  • We cleaned the kitchen and soon afterwards, Whitman had to go to bed. He had gotten in trouble in one room and then threw his ipad in another room. Don't feel too sorry for him since it was already 8 when he was put into bed and then he played up there until his brothers came to bed at 9.
  • The girls and I played a game of Sushi Go and then we all watched one tv show before it was tooth brush time. The kids became quiet pretty quickly-maybe they were tired or maybe they will interrupt me during my ice cream time in a few minutes!

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