September 8, 2017

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  • I wake up around 4 or a bit after this morning and felt that Robby wasn't in bed with me. I saw the door to the bathroom was closed which meant that he hadn't just gotten up to go to the bathroom. So I quickly ran down the options of where he could be: 1. upstairs sleeping: possible, 2. the rapture: I plan on going to so doubtful, 3. Dairy Queen: that must be it!
  • Today was the opening of the Dairy Queen in Little Rock and if you bought a cake, then you would receive free Blizzards for a year. If you watched the news coverage of it today, and you saw a man who's back was always turned to the camera, then it was Robby.
  • We woke on up and started our morning. I had changed my clothes and just started on breakfast when I asked the kids in the kitchen, "did you see the lights blinking?" Just then Graham came running into the kitchen saying that I was supposed to call Daddy. I had left my silenced phone in the closet and when Robby can't get a hold of me, he will blink the lights in the house-isn't technology amazing? (note the sarcasm in my typing!) Ha!
  • He was calling to urge me to join the line and come get a cake! My only question was, "with these people?" Seconds later, I was off of the phone and madness was happening at our house. Breakfast was being shoved in the freezer, Graham, who knew what was happening, was trying to dress Whitman, Anderson was loading the car and grabbing coats, Keaton and Campbell were getting dressed while yelling at Reagan.
  • Poor Reagan was still sleeping and with all of the screaming and squealing happening in the house, she probably woke up thinking that there was a fire. Thankfully, she did come down quickly and in a good mood-though she was a bit confused about where we were going.
  • In the car, I was able to explain everything to everyone. I also reminded them that we might be too late to be the first 100 people in line. The boys kept urging me to pass people and go faster on the road but slow and steady won the race and we were soon there in time to be one of the first 30ish. 
  • We greeted Robby, Grannymom and Shannon on the way to the back of the line. Robby soon came to tell me that the 4 big kids could buy a cake too so we would have a total of 6 cakes and 6 sets of free blizzards for a year. Who doesn't need 312 blizzards each year? 
  • The kids enjoyed walking back and forth from me to Robby. The time passed fairly quickly and soon we were being herded into the Dairy Queen. Things had gone fine until I was in a building with 100 other people and 4 of my kids were holding huge cakes while I was holding one too and trying to move a wiggly Whitman along the line. Campbell almost dropped her cake on the floor and did leave with quite a bit of icing on her shirt. We did make it through the line without dropping a cake on the floor so for that I was grateful. 
  • And yes, just because I know that you are enjoying my "no spend month" it was over 150 dollars for 6 Dairy Queen cakes today. Maybe if I just call the month "spend everything you have" then we will end up saving something. 
  • Campbell went home with Grannymom while the rest of us went home to work on a puzzle. The puzzle was how to get 6 cakes in 3 already full freezers. Remember those 2 bags of corn or that 25 half gallons of ice cream that were 99 cents or even those bags of chicken from the Saturday sale? They alone have filled my freezer. I had 3 of the cakes in the freezer when Robby drove in and he was able to help me with the final 3.
  • The kids loved our outing but maybe they loved it even more because by about 9:30, they realized that school wouldn't be happening today. I had to do some school work myself to get things back in order for next week but we homeschool for reasons like today-free Blizzards at Dairy Queen!
  • The kids were starving so they made their own sandwiches and then I helped Reagan work on one of her birthday party desserts. That pretty much took all afternoon including a trip to drop something off, Walmart and Sam. Graham almost had a meltdown when he understood that we were going to Walmart along with Sams. He told me that Walmart was not in the deal-I am not sure what deal we made but when I asked if he wanted to come, I didn't list Walmart as one of our stops. 
  • We then ran by Grannymom's house for a bit and after that it was back home to do some work for Reagan's party. The kids pretty much vegged out all afternoon except Reagan who stayed busy. I had a bit of time this afternoon and did sit down for a few minutes.
  • Then before supper, I did some more work for the birthday party sweat shop. At one point Reagan had me, Campbell and Keaton all in the school room working on pineapple pictures. There are decorations everywhere in this house. At one point, I got confused and thought that I was in the Dole Pineapple Plantations in Hawaii.
  • We had nachos for supper and then everyone just hung out in the living room playing ipads, watching football and playing skipbo until bedtime. It was a pretty fun day...I sure hope we like Dairy Queen cake and Blizzards.

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