September 7, 2017

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  • Everyone was a bit slower waking up this morning than they were yesterday. I guess a full day of our Wednesday activities wore everyone out. Just a few folks were awake this morning when it was time to get moving.
  • This morning was supposed to be waffles and pancakes per our menu. I thought that I was out of syrup so I changed the menu to tomorrow's menu and this caused pandemonium in this house. The rest of the morning went pretty much like that!
  • We started on school and gracious me, if my kids have ever moved slower I surely don't remember it. At noon, I was still checking math work and other papers. We didn't even have time to work together today. That made me a bit crazy because history and science is always what we are scrambling to finish at the end of the year. Our other things, we somehow manage to finish but history and science is rarely finished on time.
  • Robby was able to pick up Whitman from school. On Tuesday when he came in from the day (he had been gone much longer) he ran to me like he hadn't seen me in days. Today when he came home, he headed upstairs with Keaton and I didn't see him for another good hour until lunch was ready.
  • I had already taken a shower so I was ready to leave around 1:30 today. This was Reagan's first official orthodontist appointment. This week was just molds, x-rays and pictures but I did think that I probably should do a before and after braces picture or two. She said that it all wasn't too bad but when I looked at the list of forbidden foods, I almost panicked. If we stick to the list (we will try but won't succeed) she will be even skinnier. Braces come next Thursday so that will be a fun day!
  • The others stayed at home with Robby while we were away. The kids were decent but as always it is probably a bit hard for him to work with the craziness. Reagan and I were pretty quick at the dentist and then it was some speed shopping at Kroger.
  • Yep, I have gone about 2 days this week without spending money. It was another 100 day at the grocery store but Robby is already making a list of what all he needs to pick up tomorrow. I think we should possibly find jobs at Kroger since we love that place so much.
  • This afternoon I put my little shadows, Keaton and Campbell, to good use. I had lots of things to pull out for Reagan's birthday party games. The plan is to do some "minute to win it" type games for her party so I needed lots of little things from around the house-ping pong balls, marshmallows, tape, spaghetti and the list went on. Campbell and Keaton were so happy to help me gather those items from around the house. They did the gathering and I did the supper cooking.
  • The plan was for Reagan to cook supper tonight but I am not a great planner. She had picked our frozen pork chops to eat but I didn't remember that until noon. They need 6-8 hours to cook in the crockpot so they were a no go tonight. We did have spaghetti and Robby was incredibly impressed with our spaghetti sauce. I even pulled it out of the trash to see what kind it was so we could buy it again-kroger brand marinara sauce! Whoop, he liked the dollar kind!
  • After supper, the kids all had showers and we then watched a few movies before a scoop or two of ice cream for everyone. Then it was bedtime for my crew. Tomorrow is another big day.

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