September 6, 2017

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  • Today was the first day of Bible study and even though I was up at 7, so was everyone else. Campbell came into the bathroom and I asked who all was up and she replied that everyone was. I was shocked! And add to that that most everyone was already dressed and ready to go.
  • We had plenty of time this morning which was kind of nice. The trash was emptied, laundry was folded and dishwasher emptied along with breakfast cleaned up. Reagan and I made our bagels before we all walked out the door and everyone left happy-and with shoes!
  • The kids were all anxious to meet their new teachers . Reagan's Bible study book is a thick binder which will be wonderful for her. Anderson and Graham are in the same class. This is Campbell's first year to have a Bible study book to do. As I was coming out of the bathroom before the park, she was already trying to finish today's lesson. She was so excited about it. Keaton was happy to move up to her room and Whitman walked right into his class like there was nothing new at all.
  • After Bible study, we headed to a park to play. The kids enjoyed running around and filling their shoes with rocks (possibly they were unsupervised at the time). We had lunch there and Whitman was so excited about having a picnic.
  • Once we made it home, we unloaded from the morning. Then Campbell and Keaton helped me make cookie dough to give to Reagan as her birthday present. Reagan never came in the kitchen while we were working. She had her headphones on and was watching a movie but she wouldn't have been surprised because she has hinted, asked and even pleaded for her sisters to give her cookie dough.
  • I possibly had a brief siesta in the floor this afternoon-Whitman was watching a movie, Graham was playing with a remote control car, Campbell and Reagan were playing a board game, Keaton was probably watching me because she sure followed me around all afternoon and Anderson was playing his ipad. It is a wonder that I even could sleep at all!
  • I did get on the treadmill for a bit before we started on supper. I thought we had a bit more time than we did but by the time we heated up the leftovers and everyone ate, it was time to load up for church. And yes, I know that if you have been reading the blog this week, you are probably wondering where we have gotten all of these leftovers-I have no idea but my fridge sure is looking cleaner.
  • Church was good tonight. Reagan sang in their preteen-this semester she will be leading worship in there with some other preteen-ers. Anderson isn't too thrilled with his preteen assignment (even though he picked it) because he is the only boy in his class!
  • Robby had a snack ready for us when we arrived home. Everyone changed into pjs, then we ate a snack, and even had time for a quick movie before bed. Then Robby and I ate a bit of supper!

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