September 15, 2017

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  • I believe that I was the last one out of the bed this morning. I didn't lollygag long though because when I opened the cabinet door, I saw that today's breakfast menu was muffins. Graham and Keaton were nearby so they were tapped to make muffins. (Now, yes, I do have dozens in my freezer but no one seems to want to eat my frozen muffins. I guess I should start eating them.)
  • After the muffins cooled, we ate them and then did our work together first. That is still working out well which makes me so happy but also pushes our lunch further back some. School went fine today and Graham worked as hard as he could since he was headed to Pops to spend the night. Graham packed last night so he would be ready.
  • I am not sure what all Anderson did all school day today but he was still working on school around 2:30 when I finally called it and told him that he could do the rest on Monday. Him working slow makes me crazy but he gets what he is doing and isn't struggling. I believe that he probably enjoys the school day more than the others because he probably spends a bit more time goofing off.
  • Nonna and Pops came to pick up Graham and fairly soon afterwards, we had our lunch. Whitman and Anderson love for me to read more than any of the others. I read a few book during lunch and then everyone did a few chores. 
  • I spent some of the afternoon getting ready for Monday's school. It is a never ending process getting school ready for the next day or the next week. Soon Grannymom and Grandpa arrived. They were here to pick up Whitman who spent the night at their house. Poor Whitman needed a night out-he cried yesterday because Nonna wasn't coming to get him and then he broke down another time about wanting a present. 
  • The rest of the afternoon was pretty slow. Around supper time Reagan did make her meal-pork chops, rice, corn, green beans and rolls. She even put her new apron on and was just the cutest thing ever cooking. Keaton had already made jello in the afternoon so it was a full cafeteria style meal.
  • Supper was great and Reagan was pretty pleased with herself. Her braces don't really seem to be giving her a problem and man, she just looked so much older with them. Kind of makes me sad!
  • We did nothing this evening-it was a thrilling Friday night. Keaton and I did play a game on her ipad after reading a few books. We did watch a documentary on Hawaii before bedtime (see, I told you, we are thrilling,)
  • As the kids were getting into their beds, Anderson grabbed his covers and headed to the girls' room. I guess he didn't plan on sleeping in his room by himself. 

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