September 21, 2017

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  • I woke up this morning right at 7 when Robby walked into the bedroom. He told me all about his night. He had his hammock in his tent but soon realized that it would be too swingy so he took it down and slept in his sleeping bag (he had a comfy mat and a sheet as well). The parking lot lights were crazy bright so he had a tarp over the tent. This caused it to be pretty warm and he said that he wouldn't have been able to sleep at all without it. He ended up watching a movie until he finally fell asleep around 4. 
  • Around 5:15, they started playing music and waking everyone up. He started packing up and then they all lined up and walked through the restaurant while workers were cheering and banging pots and pans. They were then handed their gift cards and sent home. Robby stopped at Shipleys on the way home.
  • As he was telling me about it all, Whitman joined us. It was nearly 7:30 and I finally had to wake up the boys, who are usually up, and the girls. When I told the boys that Robby was home, they jumped up and ran down the steps-or maybe they were running because I said "doughnuts."
  • We all had our doughnut breakfast and then Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us started on our together work. We worked pretty quickly this morning on that together work and soon the kids were starting on their work. 
  • Things went incredibly smoothly today...well, except for Keaton. She can get a bit of an attitude lately. Everyone, but Anderson, finished by lunch time. Robby ran to lunch with Keaton and Campbell and the rest of us fended for ourselves.
  • I did let Anderson have a break during lunch but man, that boy! He told Robby that he took a lot of breaks and I will certainly agree to that. Once I walked in and he was practicing his golf swing. Another time, I could hear him chanting "fried ham, fried ham." But he is the only one who gets 90-100 percent of his math correct every single time. I guess slow and steady does actually win the race.
  • The others came home with movies. They turned those on and I snuck out. I had to run to the Dollar Tree (again) and then to Kroger. Campbell and Keaton, of course, had asked to go with me but I told them no-sometimes it is just nice to be quiet. 
  • I bought my goods and headed home. Robby had another shop so he took Reagan and Anderson. Graham was the designated supper cooker tonight so he made nachos for everyone-Graham had corn and pork chops on his along with a scrambled egg, Campbell and Keaton had pinto beans on theirs and Whitman just wanted cheese! 
  • After the kitchen was clean, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman worked on a bit of birthday party food. Then we did a bit of Phase 10 playing. Campbell smoked us all so badly that we finally just quit when the others came home.
  • They had eaten out and then made another run to the store. Robby loves grocery shopping just as much as I do. I thought that I might just ask for Kroger gift cards for Christmas-but then I would end up spending it on milk and bread and not the fun things that I see there.
  • We then celebrated Robby's birthday a bit early-3 Dennie kids will be out and about tomorrow night so candles and singing were necessary this evening. We had ice cream and then it was teeth brushing time. We put the kids to bed about 30 minutes early tonight because Robby was fading fast from his around 1 hour of sleep last night. I think that the kids didn't mind too much because they were able to read and 3 of them have new library books that they are very excited about. 

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