September 28, 2017

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  • It was pretty quiet around here except for the two big boys being awake this morning. I went to the girls room to wake them up and then hauled snoozing Whitman down the steps and threw him into our bed.
  • He rolled around for a little bit before finally waking up enough to put on his clothes. Since not many folks were up, we were running a bit behind. Today's breakfast menu says waffles and pancakes but Anderson's supper tonight was planned to be waffles so I opted to switch things around.
  • That meant that we had muffins and yogurt. Graham and Whitman were around to help me mix up some muffins. Since they had to bake, I pulled everyone into the school room and we started on our together work.
  • Robby and Whitman headed out and I stayed in the school room and just hollered bye to them. A bit later, Robby wrote saying that he had forgotten Robby's shoes and was running back home to get them. They didn't realize it until they were at school! I am thinking of keeping a pair or two of shoes in the car for emergencies.
  • The rest of us zoomed on through school. Anderson and Reagan started working on their stuff together-they would both do math and then both do Analytical Grammer and so on. This helped Anderson tremendously. He finished not just before lunch but well before lunch. I may try to get them to do that again tomorrow.
  • Graham had a difficult time today-his IEW had him write 3 paragraphs and then he is still doing his crazy long division. A bit later, Keaton had herself a big ole fit and Graham was nearby. I quickly took the opportunity to point out to him how she was acting and how he had acted just like her! I know that he was just frustrated but goodness gracious. After a bit, he pulled himself together and did finish strong.
  • Robby was able to pick Whitman up from school so we had lunch while I read a few stories to the kids. I currently have a pile at least a foot tall of picture books and chapter books that I want to read to them. Sometime I think about taking a day off of school to just sit around and read all day. Maybe we will on the next crazy rainy day.
  • After lunch, everyone went to work on chores. Our weekly chore charts are working our pretty good but today, I even added quite a few must do chores since this place was getting messy. It is never clean here but we are tidy at least. 
  • Most of the afternoon was spent building forts. It seemed that everyone had one in some area of the house-tonight, Campbell and Reagan are in two different forts in their room and Whitman  is in a fort in his room. I am guess that no fort sleeping will last at all.
  • Anderson helped make supper tonight. We had the traditional supper of waffles and spam! Ha! We didn't have any other meat and Spam was Anderson's choice. He worked hard and pretty much did most of it by himself except for the waffle cooking.
  • After supper, we loaded up and went to Dairy Queen for our weekly blizzards. Then we ran to Grannymom's house for a bit. Then it was back home for showers and then everyone had a few minutes to play on their ipads before bedtime. 

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