2018 Dennie Family Resolutions

I had said that we weren't going to do resolutions this year, but I just couldn't help myself. So even though, we know that we won't accomplish most of these; here they are:

Read 6 books

Have better posture
Plan our meals better

Spend all her gift cards

Get a job
Build all of his destroyed Lego sets

Score 10 goals in soccer
Become a better basketball player

Have a lemonade stand
Bake more (she said 200 times but I think 'more' would be better)

Play basketball

Read a Christmas book
Learn to read (I added that one)

And just for kicks, let's review last year's resolutions to see what complete failures we are. I will say that we did have some pretty good resolutions last year. Campbell and Keaton were the resolution winners and completed all of their resolutions while Robby and I are the resolution losers completing none of ours. Here are the 2017 resolutions:

1. Weigh 188 or less. (not even close)
2. Climb Pinnacle twice. (nope)
3. Bowl a game of 150 or better. (never went bowling this year)

1. Lose 10 pounds. (Almost, but I have probably gained it back since Christmas.)
2. Fill our house with music. (Music is just more noise, and noise kind of makes me crazy.)
3. Climb Pinnacle with the family. (I wanted to go for my birthday next week but I think it will be too cold for that.)

1. Add more accessories to the bathroom (nope)
2. Move the dangerous swing (YES, Grandpa and Robby moved the swing closer to the soccer field earlier this year.)
3. Have more root beer floats. (I can't remember having any root beer floats this year.)

1. Go to a football game. (YES, Razorback and high school games)
2. Go to Altitude, Big Rock and the movies. (Well, we did go to Altitude once to enter in a drawing but didn't jump so I am not sure if that counts, didn't go to Big Rock, but YES we did make it to the movies.)
3. Ride an upside down roller coaster. (We didn't go anywhere with roller coasters this year.)

1. Go to a football game, putt putt and a new restaurant. (YES, college and football, YES, as a reward with Robby, YES, I am sure we have been to one new restaurant, surely.)
2. Run 2 times a week on the treadmill. (Ha, we do have a new treadmill this year but this hasn't happened yet.)
3. BBQ with Dad. (Robby rarely BBQs so that one would be hard to accomplish.)

1. Play soccer. (YES, I love these easy resolutions)
2. Make supper and dessert (also make jello sometime.) (YES, she is always in the kitchen and would kick me out if she could.)
3. Hang shelves over bed. (YES, Robby and Grandpa hung their bedroom shelves early last year)

1. Go some place to eat. (YES, that's my girl, love resolutions like this!)
2. Learn to read. (YES, 5 down and 1 to go!)
3. Go to a new state. (YES, Hawaii!)

1. Learn to pedal a bike. (Not even close, he would rather dig in the dirt.)
2. Read a book. (Well, I have read plenty to him but reading practice starts Tuesday.)
3. Jump on a bouncy. (YES, I am certain he has at some point during the year.)

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