January 1, 2018

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  • I was still in bed this morning when I received a text from Anderson asking me to come and work on our Lego ship. It was time for me to go ahead and get out of bed, so I put on my clothes and headed up. We did only work for about 30 minutes before I had to go down to start picking up.
  • I was able to fold one load of laundry before it was time to leave for Grannymom's house. She had hog jowl and black eyed peas. The kids loved the "bacon" and cleanup all of her quiche. Afterwards, the kids had plenty of time to play, and despite the freezing temps they ran around outside for a long time.
  • On the way home, we dropped Robby off at Lowe's, and he ran a few errands with Tony. The rest of us came home and started on chores. We had to do a bit to get back into a routine so the chore chart was revised and ready to be completed.
  • One of the main chores I wanted for the kids to do today was to put away a few Christmas things. I just asked them to put away 2 each day and I did my share as well-putting up (and building) my work table, my apron and my mop. After chores I went to work on reorganizing my kitchen pantry. It is much smaller so it took me less time, and I was able to hang all of our aprons inside.
  • Before Robby made it home, I ran back upstairs to work a bit more with Anderson. Once Robby came home, we were able to do a things around the house and somehow the afternoon just flew by. 
  • We ate at Tacos for Life for supper and somehow I smashed an onion piece of my jeans and gracious it was smelly. I had to come home, shower and change all of my clothes. Even after I had been in the shower for a while, I still wasn't convinced that I didn't smell like an onion. The food was good tonight, and we did leave with plenty of cheese dip for tomorrow but man, I dont like the smell of Mexican on me.
  • Back at home, we really didn't do anything all evening. The boys watched the ballgame, and for the most part, the girls did too. We had thought about sending everyone to bed at 10 but they were being quiet so they all stayed up until the ballgame was over. Campbell was getting tired but Whitman was still hopping through the house on a bouncy ball after 11. I am not too sure how we are ever going to get back in the swing of real life after these wonderful holidays.

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