December 31, 2017-Happy New Year's Eve!

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  • Since church was at 11 this morning, we were all able to sleep in as late as we wanted. Well, almost as late as we wanted, Reagan woke Whitman up so he could come down and get ready. And I certainly could have stayed in bed a bit longer.
  • Everyone put on clothes-though Graham did wear a short sleeve shirt. That boy has almost as many clothes as Keaton, who has more clothes than Reagan and Campbell combined) but he still picks a short sleeve shirt. I would like to tell him that I paid good money for those long sleeve dress shirts and he better wear them. Fortunately, I haven't been the one paying good money for those shirts, so I can't say that.
  • Church was fine this morning though Whitman was as restless as ever. He will randomly point to people during the service and ask, "Is he a stranger?" or "Is she a stranger?" He is just odd! After church, we headed to Nonna's house for lunch. She had BBQ and all of the fixings. My Campbell loved the cracker chips that Nonna had and could have eaten the whole package. Pops tried hard to get the boys to try some of his fruit cake for lunch, but they would not at all.
  • We did all try some of Campbell's birthday cake. This was the first Sunday we had been at Nonna's house since Campbell's birthday so she had a cake for her today. Campbell truly enjoyed blowing out one more set of candles. The kids had some time to play at Nonna's while we watched the end of a football game.
  • Afterwards, we walked around Lowe's for a bit and bought a cabinet. Tony and Robby have plans to eventually work on my fireplace shelves, and now that the cabinets are bought, they can't renege on the deal. It was cold outside and the kids hurried into the car leaving Robby to load the cabinets into the van by himself. (I may or may not have already been inside the car myself.)
  • I sure could have taken a nap this afternoon but I ended up working on Legos upstairs with Anderson. I had mistakenly thought that this ship would have been easier to do but we are having to search for every single Lego. All the while, Anderson is telling me about each piece, each character and the plans for us rebuilding many more Lego ships. I used to love Legos....get that "used" to love them. Just kidding though, I do love spending time with my boy.
  • Soon, it was time to get our New Year's Eve party started. Robby and I heated up supper choices-BBQ pizza, sausage pizza, pepperonni pizza, chili, cornbread, chicken roll-ups, sweet and sour chicken or spicy chicken with rice. The kids all picked different things and it was like working in a diner. Not many folks have take orders on a piece of paper when they are making supper but we sure did tonight.
  • While we were eating, we did make a few New Year's resolutions. And even though the boys wouldn't try Pops' fruitcake, they sure did try Robby's crazy spicy chicken. I had some yesterday and it was so spicy that my mouth burned for an hour. Those boys knew the chicken was spicy but they never acted like their mouth was on fire. I was actually very disappointed in the whole thing. I was expecting them to roll around in the floor and chug water from the sink but they were being a bit manly about the whole thing.
  • We then played a game of Uno Attack. Campbell won but we played until Robby and Whitman were also out. Then we turned on The Holiday Inn. We saw that play in NYC last year but since then they have filmed the actual play. So it was neat to see it again. It held the kids attention really well even though we had to stop the movie a few times-to eat Campbell's lava cake that she made for dessert and to ring in the New Year with pictures, hats, horns and poppers.
  • We watched our movie for about 30 more minutes after the New Year and then it was bedtime for everyone. Hopefully, my kids all made resolutions about sleeping in past 9 in the morning!

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