January 12, 2018

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  • Since Whitman didn't have to wake up and go to school this morning, there was little motivation for me to climb out of bed. I did though, just a bit later than usual and started the morning. Keaton and Reagan were the only ones awake, but I did stir them when I put toothpaste on the toothbrushes.
  • I decided that we would make muffins this morning and Whitman, Campbell and Keaton helped with that. It was just packages so it didn't take too long. While the muffins were cooking, we read our science and history. Then we ate while I read some of our other morning reads. We made two types of muffins-chocolate from a bag and blueberry from a box. The blueberry should have been better but the kids were quick to turn their nose up at them. When one person says something negative about the food, it quickly spreads to everyone else. Needless to say, I was not too happy about my people deciding they didn't like half of their breakfasts.
  • We did our school work while Whitman sat right beside me for most of the morning. He worked on his school work most of the time. Through this homeschool journey, I have definitely learned that I am a visual learner. I can't even answer their math questions unless I see them. I have also learned that I need just a bit of quiet to think clearly (probably why I don't think that I have thought clearly in about 12 years). So for me to help someone during school, they have to be close enough to me for me to see what they are talking about-this is the reason why I often have 3 or more people sitting nearby. But that doesn't usually lead to quiet so everything is just usually crazy. Crazy or not, we do get it done though.
  • Sandwiches were what was for lunch. Anderson finished with his work around 11:30, and when he looked at the clock, he said, "well, this must be a record for me." Ha! It probably was a record but he something else on his mind-finishing his Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego set that came yesterday.
  • Campbell was his buddy today, and she helped him find pieces most of the day. He would probably still be working on it, if it wasn't for her. This afternoon was busy with lots of projects, there was the Legos, Campbell cleaned her desk really well, Reagan added flowers to her new water bottle and Graham made an angel food cake. We just a crafty bunch! I actually wish that we could be crafty like that more often but all of that craftiness wore me and Campbell out.
  • She was sound asleep in my bedroom when I snuck in there to take a rest too. I didn't want her to nap alone. The kids had popcorn and were fairly sedate late this afternoon. Right before we left for Nonna's house, the boys did go out to play basketball. At least, I think they were playing basketball. They had been outside for over 30 minutes when they came in sweaty and red cheeked saying that the score was 9-9. That doesn't really sound too much like a basketball score after 30 minutes though so I am not too sure.
  • I guess it was my last 40th  birthday celebration tonight at Nonna's house. That kind of bums me out. I guess I do still have a trip to Memphis to claim as one of my presents but we don't even have an idea of when that will happen. Nonna had chicken enchiladas and all of the fixings along with two beautiful chocolate pies. I cut one of them and butchered it to pieces getting it out of the pan but they did start off pretty. Graham happily served his angel food cake and strawberries up and we finished his cake completely. I opened a coupon for a shopping trip with Nonna along with a Kirklands gift card. I guess I need to go and spend my gift cards this next week-that would make my birthday last a bit longer!
  • Once at home, some kids showered, some kids had some medicine, and some played on their ipads and watched a bit of Shark Tank. We weren't home very long before it was time for bed. They all need their rest though the boys were looking out the window I think in hopes that it will snow tonight.

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