January 3, 2018

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  • It was a scramble this morning getting ready for Bible study. I had to wake Reagan, Keaton, Graham and Whitman. I think that my crew is still pretty tired from our Christmas break. On Bible study mornings, our goal is to leave around 8:30. 
  • Reagan and Graham's bagels were in the toaster and mine was next in line since we eat them in the car on the way, when I heard my phone ding. I didn't pay too much attention to the phone noises since we only had about 5 more minutes until we would leave and there was still lots to be done. Seconds later though, my phone was going nuts, and I went to check it. It didn't take long for me to see the words "Bible Study cancelled." 
  • Pipes had froze or burst at Immanuel this morning (conflicting reports) but either way, CBS was emailing and texting, along with Candice and the other girls. Since we were all already dressed and lunches packed, we decided to meet at Rock Creek for lunch. The kids weren't too happy when I relayed the news to them. They all love Bible study and were bummed that weren't able to go. 
  • I let them finish their breakfasts while I sat and ate my bagel quietly. Then we did history, science and reading. I also did spelling with everyone and had them do two things for tomorrow's school day. 
  • I had said that I was going to work with Whitman each day this next year and that boy would do "school" forever. Each day that we have worked, he has wanted to do more. We gave him a kindergarten workbook for Christmas and I think that it might just be one of his favorites. When no one is doing it with him, he will just sit in the school room and flip through the pages trying to figure it out. 
  • Just as soon as we had finished all of this, it was time to leave for lunch. We arrived just as everyone else was going in. Our big kids are getting a bit old and don't even really try to play in the tubes anymore. They just stand around and talk. We really should bring games for them to play, but today, they really wanted to go outside so they could throw the ball and run. I hate that there is no where that we can go in cold or yucky weather that they can do this.
  • After we had eaten and played inside for a long time, we bundled up and headed outside so they all could play outside. Sara, Candice and I sat in Sara's car and watched the kids have a blast on the parking lot. 
  • On the way home, we stopped by the library and picked up quite a few books. If you remember at Whitman's class Christmas party, he received a Pete the Cat book that he did not want and had himself a big ole fit. So today at the library, I picked up about 20 Pete the Cat books for us to enjoy!
  • At home the kids finished their chores, and had some downtime. I haven't known what to do with myself today with all of my free time since my Lego project with Anderson is over. I had so much free time that not only did I get on the treadmill but I also started painting a side table.
  • Reagan made a dessert for tonight-no bake chocolate chip cookie bars. That was the recipe that she wanted to make yesterday but couldn't because we were out of butter. She didn't want anyone in the kitchen when she worked and even barked at me to get out of the "square" while she was cooking.
  • Anderson asked to cook next time and Graham already has a dessert that he wants to make as well. I am glad that want to cook but I really need for someone to make a salad and not sweets which I can not turn down at all.
  • We had a simple hot dogs, chili and the fixings for supper. The kids ate up and all went well except for when Whitman had a fit afterwards because he didn't get dessert immediately after supper. 
  • We watched a few shows after supper and then Reagan finally did pass our her dessert. Whitman did refuse it and decided on Campbell's brownies from last night. After a few rounds of HQ tonight, it was soon bedtime for the crew. Tomorrow is our first real day back at school-unless another pipe burst. No, no, we don't want that at all!

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