January 29, 2018

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  • Campbell woke up first this morning (or maybe Graham was already in the bonus room) but she quickly came to our bedroom instead of being in the living room alone. I headed upstairs to get Whitman up when I heard someone sliding down the steps. It was him so that made things a bit easier because when he is sleeping, he is sound asleep and is pretty hard to wake up.
  • Whitman was the first to have his doughnuts this morning and once he left, everyone else had their doughnuts as I read to them. Then we worked on our together work. Anderson had done some of his reading last night and started on his work before breakfast. Needless to say, with this extra work and fairly focused work (he was sitting in the same room as me today), he was done around 10:30. The boy didn't know what to do he was finished with school so early.
  • Everyone else finished around the normal time, and it was nearly 12:30 when we finally ate our lunch. Afterwards, everyone helped on chores. Then the kids had some downtime. Keaton and Campbell painted, Anderson played Legos and worked a new Lego set, everyone but Reagan played basketball outside and soon Whitman was home from Nonna's house.
  • I worked on Whitman's reading book with him and soon I was in the shower getting ready for out night out. Just like last night's adventure, we had a coupon to spend tonight at Chickfila so that is where we went for supper.
  • And since Robby had found a gift card a few days ago while cleaning out his office, we then headed to Dunkin Donuts. We might have possibly been trying to bribe the kids with chickfila and donuts since our next stop was church.
  • They were having an evangelism conference at church, and we attended church tonight. The Master Singers sang wonderfully, The Skit Guys, who the kids loved, did a skit, there was wonderful worship time and the preacher was excellent as well. After church was over, camp Siloam was handing out pieces of cheesecake so we were at church tonight until ten. After 2 nights of Big Church, weary Whitman asked Keaton, "When does Big Church end?" She quickly replied, "It never ends."
  • Once we came home, Campbell and Anderson took showers (she wanted one and he was itchy) and everyone else headed to bed. It was late and tomorrow is a normal day around here so everyone needs their sleep.

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