January 7, 2018

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  • Church morning and Campbell was the first one awake. She laid in bed with us stalling picking out her clothes because she wanted for me to go upstairs and help. I did help her pick out her clothes. 
  • Keaton also found a beautiful Sunday coat in her closet and picked it out to wear. Bless, my child thought that wearing that coat and an undershirt and leggings would be okay. I had to explain to her that she had to wear real Sunday clothes under her coat. She reluctantly did but never took her coat off while at church. I am sure she was burning up!
  • I french braided Keaton and Campbell's hair and Reagan has me do a quick little braid in her hair. After doing all of that hair in a hurry, I am always glad that I have 3 boys too. I don't think that I would be able to make it to church in time if I had anyone else's hair to work on.
  • Church and Sunday school and then we headed to Grannymom's house to celebrate my birthday (I am celebrating all month long.) We had Mexican food for lunch and then apple dumplings and Shelley's famous peanut butter candy for dessert. Except the peanut butter candy was just for me! It was a present of the best kind. I had said at Christmas that I wanted it for my birthday, and Virginia remembered. Afterwards, I opened my other presents-gift card, dish towels, a hand sander, cricut vinyl and decorating bags.
  • We then ran to At Home since we are daily checking for their Christmas to be marked to 75% off. Then it was home for a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap. The kids were quiet (kind of) and we slept for a good long while.
  • For supper, we cleaned out the fridge and surprisingly, there was plenty for everyone. We did have the squirt cheese and crackers. Whitman likes for me to write words on there for him to read. He does know a few sight words but now, I am able to write little words that he can sound out like "am." That reading book is already paying off.
  • After supper, we watched a documentary about a chess player. It was thrilling tv-actually, it was pretty interesting, and everyone watched it for the most part. Then it was bedtime for the kids-school tomorrow and our first full week back in a routine!

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